Friday, July 8, 2011

Tons More of Great New Fan Pictures and Videos of Rob on the Cosmopolis set - July 6 and 7

ETA: Added more pictures from July 7th

Since there are so many new videos and pictures from the last two nights, I'm making a new post. You can check all pictures, fan pictures and videos from last night here and from July 6th here and here.

From July 6th



Cute from 0:40 - 1:10 :)

From last night (July 7th)


From Mr Will-W (click to read his set report)


Source: Pictures and Video - July 6th | Pictures - July 7th/Via | Picture and Videos - July 7th


Iluvthemovies said...

Thanks Mandy and Linda for posting these pics and videos and the article on the set with Rob. That hairstyle is wacky. I hope we get pics, if he attends Comic Con, what it looks like when it is dry. Either way, he is fortunate he can do most anything with that hair, his hair and hands and jaw should be insured. They are priceless treasures.

dowlingnana said...

In the book, Eric, Rob, gets his hair cut but not completely when "Eric" jumps out of the chair and continues out on his "quest". This could be why Rob's hair looks the way it does!!

twilightnan said...

Hi @Iluvthemovies! is nice to read ur comments...yes I can't wait to see him at Comic Con..he still looks Hot despite that loop sided unfinished Hair cut...looks like he just came out of a shower..looks fabulous in that Tennesse whisky tshirt:)..omg!..just thinking about the *wicked thoughts* I had after knowing Kristen was with him;)..I'll be smiling and awwwiing the rest of the week and all through next weekend! lol!!hugs to the FAVS!!