Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tom Sizemore Talks About Rob: "He wants to be great, and I think he will be"

Before you think Hardy's an obvious choice for Sizemore's favourite young actor, he throws a curve ball. "I also think that, believe it or not, Robert Pattinson has got a real artistic soul and is going to get better and better." After unanimously enthusing over his sensitive turn in Water for Elephants, Sizemore sensed, "he wants to be great, and I think he will be."

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twilightnan said...

I honestly can't remember seeing him in any of his film..but it is great to know what he said and what he thinks about Rob as an actor..and I totally agree with Sizemore's prediction about Rob!!*Waves* to all the Favs and the other regulars on this site:)

Iluvthemovies said...

@twilightnan, personally he was the best thing in "Saving Private Ryan". I cried when he died in the movie. I hope his prediction comes true too. I read the article that he talks about Rob and he also mentions Colin Farrell being as great as Newman and Redford or Cruise. He mentions that Colin needs to focus to be in that league. That is how I feel sometimes about Rob, it is the focus. I think he could be great with his voice and diction and those faces he can make, I think he could be in whole other league. Every movie he does seems to bring something new and that is why I am glad Twilight is over, I know many will disagree, but I think it is the best for him and I want the best for this guy. If it sometimes feel like I am critical of him it is because as a teacher or mentor you need to tell them what they need to be told in order for them to improve. He needs improvement but I do think with every movie he does outside the saga he does improve. Remember Me and How to Be to me personally are the best still of his acting skills, I look forward to Cosmopolis because this will be whole new challenge for him. I know some will disagree with me and that is ok, at least I am not mean spirited towards Rob as others are sometimes on this blog. I don't know why people who dispise someone bother to comment at all on a fansite if they dislike that individual. I guess they just want attention. That is all. Twiligtnan hope all is well as well with all the other favs. I wonder if anyone who comments on this blog will be attending comic con? I will not but I will be watching for any news or videos from here.

♪♫ Yaelfica ♪♫ said...

oh wow...i know this actor and i like him as one of course
i'm amazed that someone like him would choose Rob for such kind words. not that Rob doesn't diserve them ;)but it's really nice of him
i like him better now :)
hi couple of FAVS!! luv ya guys!!