Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Fan Pictures and Video of Rob on the Cosmopolis Set - June 29th

New fan pictures from the set and cute fan video of Rob waving to fans. Pictures are spoilerish (under the cut)

Source/Via (Click for more pictures from the set)


LauraD said...

Because there is so much support Robert as before on this blog
What happened with all the affection to Robert for his career?


twilightnan said...

Hi! @Daniela Milan...We are still me the support and love to Rob and his career has not deminished or are not deminishing IMO!!..have you not seen the support he got during the premieres of his WFE film in 6x major cities around the world..that was only last April-May 2011...I thought the hysteria of the fans about Rob were incredible..I was at the London Premiere so I witnessed and experienced the atmosphere!..I think a lot of people have moved to another Rob sites(unfortunately when RPL temporarily shut down for a short period last year)..IMO..I'm sure a lot of fans visit the sites but don't smiles:)..we are still here..and more so in love with ROB as before<333..he is progressing well in his career..can't wait to see..Bel Ami,Breaking Dawn 1 and 2 ..and his current project Cosmopolis!..Hugs to the FAVS:)