Friday, July 8, 2011

Pictures, Videos and Tweets of Rob signing for fans and leaving the Cosmopolis

HQ/Untagged - Thanks Pattinsonlife

Fan Pictures - Thanks Mr. Will-W, MissTee_luv & offline82/Via

Videos - Thanks Mr. Will-W, MissTee_luv & Scarysarey

Walking from trailer to set, set to trailer and filming - Cute at 0:20 :)

Rob walking back to his trailer

Rob filming Cosmopolis

Rob signing for fans


Mr. Will-W - Rob Pattinson signs a storm of autographs on last night out outdoor shoots for Cosmopolis. Kristen was in car

Steve_s2001 - Robert Pattinson just signed autographs for around 60 fans @ 5am after wrappedfilming on Cosmopolis tonight. Robert Pattinson just left the set with Kristen in the car.
Rob must have signed & met with fans for over 10mins. He did it for everyone. Rob is the best!!!!
All the fans got in a giant line & Rob came to everyone. Incredible!!!!

ricielle16 - The sweetest and nicest guy ever #RobertPattinson he signed for him

offline82 - Kristen and Rob left in the same car. Kristen got in first while Rob signed for over 60 fans.. Thanks Rob!!
Rob was quite the decoy for Kristen to get into the car. I asked Kristen for an autograph she smiled but kindly moments of the night.. hearing Bear bark in Rob's trailer and ALL the fans saying "Hi Kristen" when Rob got into the car!!!


Calihi27 said...

Seriously, he is the biggest SWEETHEART ever! EVER!! His parents raised him right! <3

twmmy said...

Sweetheart, sweetheart... could be, if he signed for us in Hungary. Why he didn't do it, I 'll never understand that. So Rob, we love you in Hungary too. We are just the same fans as the Canadaians.

j said...

@twmmy - I guess I understand your feelings, but i do think it's somewhat unfair to question his actions now vs. well over a year ago.

There could be a variety of reasons - but I would guess his security detail did not allow it. He just seems to have more control of his interaction with fans now that he's not directly tied to Twilight.

twilightnan said...

OMG!!so happy to see Rob very accomodating to fans even after a long night of shooting I'm over the moon to know that Kristen was in his trailer all night long with bear and they left together in the morning!..I can't stop grinning since this pics and videos came out I'm so glad they can spend some time together with Bear...the canadian fans are great,civilised and so sweet.. saying hello to Kristen!! hugs to the favs:)and hi to Calihi27 and twmmy,Iluvthemovies ,JA,Twilola,and you all guys:)..and to the other regulars and all Rob's fans around the globe..greetings from England!!..thanks to Mandy and Linda for their dedications to keep this great blog going!

Anonymous said...

kristen was with him :)

twmmy said...

@j i understand everything, as I've said, my obsession belongs to him (who knows until when), but there were bitter feelings, he didn't signed in Hungary. And I think we behaved ourselves well, and just say... we didn't went there because the twilight, but because Robert Pattinson, the actor from BMHB, HTB,HA. So we have bittersweet memories... It was the only time he was here, I guess, he won't come back, because he works mostly in America. We had only one chance. And he did't gave it us.

Iluvthemovies said...

@twilightnan, I know you are happy that Kristen is with Rob. All Robsten fans can rejoice. Now they can sleep w/Bear and settle in until he begins his next scene. She will be filming soon on Snow White and the Huntsman and I think that takes place in England, so I think we know where they will be heading to soon. I hope they both can attend Comic Con, I want to see their interaction on the panel. He is a very generous souls when it comes to autographs. Hi to the favs,Yaelfica, JA, and Twilola.

pseudonym15 said...

kristen is so kind not to steal the limelight from her man. Don't you see, she doesn't have any work-related business on the set, just a personal business (to visit her man). Rob, on the other hand, the charmer and sweetest guy ever, indulge the fans. oh how far their career will go. I hope they tie the know someday :D

twilightnan said...

@Iluvthemovies..YESSS!! I'm Ecstatic!!!I'm totally devoted to these two Lovebirds..knowing that they are having a long awaited reunion in Toronto has made me Hyper lol!!my mood is permanently so Happy for these two..I feel like a teenager lol!!hugs to the Favs!!probably scratching their heads trying to understand my obsession about R/K...hahaha!!...@pseudonym..totally agree with you..keeping everything crossed that it will happen oneday:)