Saturday, July 2, 2011

New/Old Interview with Cinema3 - Barcelona Press Junket

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Iluvthemovies said...

I loved his response to playing Dali, not many interviewers question him about that role and non-Twilight or non-Rob Pattinson fans that are my friends tell me they really enjoyed his performance as Dali.

OCD56 said...

I thought it was interesting that he said that Water for Elephants appealed to an older audience because I am an older Twilight/Rob fan. Everytime that I went to see Water for Elephants (7 times) I saw a lot of older people at the movie. I'm not sure if that means that they're a lot of older people who were fans of the book or not. I also decided to watch Little Ashes again to observe in more detail Rob's performance as Dali.

twilightnan said...

Hi! @Iluvthemovies..Happy 4th of July my friend and the rest of fans who are celebrating Americas Independence Day!!..Anyway..Rob was great as Dali..I was not sure I was going to like the film because of the sexual scenes involving Rob's character with a man..but IMO those scenes were beautifully handled(IMO)..I thought Rob's acting was excellent!..@OCD56..7x!..that's amazing..I would have loved to go beyond 4x..but I was worried my hubby would think I'm definitely obsessed about!..can't wait to get the WFE DVD in September..I will be glued on the screen houseworks for a week!