Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More from Rob and Kristen Interview With Cineplex

If the youtube videos don't work, watch at the source Rob talking about his | Part 1 and Part 2

All 3 parts in 1 video

In 3 videos

Rob talks about his weirdest/most memorable fan experience

The last part

Here is part 1 for those that missed it

Source | Youtube | All 3 parts in 1 video/Via


Jessinha_of said...

so beautiful...O loved it! Rob is hilarious...

Anonymous said...

I want the whole video, unedited. (Never going to happen, but I can hope.) I just love them together in interviews, he's adorkable and she's all cool-like. They balanced each other so cutely. On the aren't they-are they conundrum, I can happily say I'm switzerland.

JA said...

i hope these two get paired up for the BD junket. he's even more adorable when she's in the room.