Monday, May 2, 2011

Rob at the Water for Elephants Barcelona Press Conference

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- "Rob says he didn't choose WfE to get away from being a vampire but b/c he really liked the project"
- "Truly the whole cast loved working the animals, especially Tai"
- On first question about why Rob chose the role in WfE: "It was simply a challenge"
- "Rob says he's always been interested in other eras, he feels a bit of nostalgia for times he hasn't lived in"
- "Rob is very interested in the old ways of the circus especially the way it was promoted"
- "He jokes he would only be able to sell tickets" (if he worked at one)
- "They ask Rob if in real life he's ever had to hide a relationship" "He answers no"
- "Rob says that being able to play a human instead of a vampire has been a relief"
- "Rob says he was never considered handsome until he did Twilight"
- "Rob is going to answer if he would like to have a family in his real life"
- "He jokes that he's marrying an older rich woman, so he can teach tennis classes, drink w/his friends, & backpack w/his baby"

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