Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rob in 3D World Magazine (Australia) - Great Report of the WFE Sydney Promo

Nothing really new, but a pretty good and short report of the Water for Elephants promo in Sydney. Talk about the press conference, premiere and the media and fans reaction to Rob, Reese and the movie.

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Source: 3D World - Issue 1060 (Page 16) | Via


twilightnan said...

It was an Amazing' Australian WFE premiere'..well done to the Aussies!!they sure knows how to do a World Premiere!!the 300m red carpet was amazing !!...it was 'ROBMANIA'..I was hooked watching Rob on his world promo tours,it was wonderful watching the fans and Media reactions to Rob and Reese,The fans were Amazing and lovely to see Rob smiling ,signing books,pics ,interviews...he is a true" WORLD MEGA STAR"!!...Now waiting to see 'BEL AMI' and all the world Promos for 'Breaking Down1'..I can't wait for all the Excitements to begin lol!!!Thanks for this RPL for your hardwork!!hugs to the favs:)

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