Sunday, May 8, 2011

Very Good Sydney Press Junket Interview + Premiere Interviews/Coverage

3News Sydney Press Junket Interview I ripped the videos from 3News website, but if any of them get removed from youtube, you can watch them here

3News Sydney Premiere Red Carpet Interviews

3News Red Carpet Coverage

Spotlight Report Red Carpet Video - No interviews in this video

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drabrasil said...

New boxofficemojo numbers:
Domestic: $41,614,000 66.1%
+ Foreign: $21,300,000 33.9%


= Worldwide: $62,914,000

i am sooo proud!!!

Iluvthemovies said...

I hope he seriously pursues playing music, IMO personally I think he will be so much happier. I know he likes acting but I wonder what really inspires him acting or music, and it seems to me with that guitar almost always at his side it is music. I would luv to see him do a duet with Van Morrison, that would be awesome. I am certain he will do both, but I would like to see him take a break after Cosmopolis and play some soulful music.