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Compilation of Magazines Scans - WFE Promo - Some New Interviews and Pictures

Donna Moderna (Italy) - Source/Via

Translation via CSI_Robsten

-Where's your house?
"I don't have one. Or rather, I have my parents' house in London, but my room has become a sort of warehouse where I leave the stuff I can't take with me. I can't take too many things, 2-3 bags at most. That's why I always wear the same clothes."

- We will see you in Breaking Dawn part 1 and 2 soon.
"They are the harder movies of the series, and I wonder how they're going to distribute them with a PG 13 rating. There are a lot of sex scenes and so many other things that are not suitable for children" (his look gets mischievous and cheerful)

- How similar are you to Edward?
"We both think sex without love doesn't make sense"

-What if they asked you to keep playing this role?
"That's a closed chapter. I've just finished filming Bel Ami where I play a cynical, seducer, social-climber. Then I will be the main character in David Cronemberg's Cosmopolis. I'll play the role of an American millionaire who, within 24 hours in Manhattan, lives his descent into hell. I still can't believe I'll be working with a director like Cronemberg. And I even wanted to quit acting after Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire! Nobody wanted me, while my band was starting to sign its first contracts and earn some money. Then I got offered the role of Salvador Dalì in Little Ashes. After that movie I realized I really liked acting and put music aside."

- So you won't play a romantic role ever again?
"Never say never. But I need to change a bit, or either the audience and I would get bored eventually."

Panic: we're already orphan because of Leonardo Di Caprio, will we be orphan because him as well? It would be a bad piece of news since I'm interviewing the romantic hero Pattinson on the romantic wedding day between William and Kate. I don't even have the time to finish the sentence that he asks "How did the Royal Wedding go? Have they already kissed?". Yes, the kind of kiss you and Kristen shared in public... And there's back his polite and irresistible smile, as he explains "I've been avoiding this topic for years, but I can say I love big love stories"

Teen Now (UK) - Source

Maybe a couple new quotes, nothing really new

Best Movie (International version) - Source

Nothing new, good read

Gala Magazine (Germany) - schnuffel1990 at Pattinsonlife

He talks about his fame, Reese and Christoph, love in general, love scenes, the curse to be a sex symbol, to be in the same category as Justin Bieber xD, playing 'Fall Down' on his iPhone, Bear and Cosmopolis. - Probably the same press junket interview we read a million times already

Pantalla Semanal (Spain) - Source/Via

From a quick read and rough translation, seems to be a new interview or at least some new quotes

FilmStage magazine (Czech Republic) - Source/Via

Nuestro Vale (Spain) - Source/Via

Translation via LetMeSign

Robert Pattinson: “It’s a relief to interpret a human.
The actor has just debut Water for Elephants, he landed in Barcelona to promote it.
If Robert Pattinson has already made us fall in love with his vampire fans in the Twilight Saga, he has now left us breathless in his new film, Water for Elephants where he gives life to Jacob Jankowski, a veterinary student that ends up working at a traveling circus. Robert is very happy with this role: “I will miss Edward Cullen, but it’s been a relief interpreting a human.

His weakness: Rose the elephant.
To promote the film in Spain, he has visited Barcelona accompanied by his co-star Reese Witherspoon, actor Christoph Waltz, and director Francis Lawrence. During the press junket, Robert confessed that one of the reasons why he accepted this project was getting to work with Tai – Rosie in the film – with whom he shares many scenes.
In fact, as the members of the film state, during the filming, 42-year-old Tai, was not immune to the actor’s charms and played with him. It’s because Robert often hid candy in his clothes so the elephant would look for him.

Robert’s dream
Despite the drama, the film has a happy ending, for Jacob marries his love, Marlena (Reese Witherspoon), and has five children. During the press conference we asked him if that would be his real life dream and he replied between laughs: “I’ve always liked the idea of being married to a rich woman, taking tennis classes, with a baby and having dinner with friends. It’s my life long dream. In fact, it will be like that.”

On the other hand, in the film, his character has a steamy love scene with Marlena in which they have sex in a motel of the local town. Being accustomed to the “chastity” of the Twilight saga where Edward and Bella barely touch, Water for Elephants is worth it to see the actor looking hot and shed some clothes. One thing, the drama is sometimes apparent and the action slows down at times. For those crazy over Robert.

La Semana (Spain) - Source/Via

Translation via LetMeSing

Robert Pattinson revolutionizes Barcelona.

The sexiest vampire in the cinema, Robert Pattinson, drove hundreds of fans crazy during his visit to Barcelona. The 25-year-old actor arrived with his co-star Reese Witherspoon, with whom he lives a beautiful love story onscreen, and presented their newest film together, Water for Elephants.

Robert explains that in his role as Edward in the Twilight Saga, where he met his girlfriend Kristen Stewart, has given him fame he had never imagined. “Its strange because no one ever gave me the roles the handsome guy. I suppose things and fads change, and if they tell you that now you’re handsome then good. Before I never even attracted those types of roles.”

The actor also confessed to us what his life’s aspiration is. “I’ve always liked the idea of being in the limelight, married to a rich woman, taking tennis classes and eating out with friends. That’s my life’s dream, in fact, it will be like that,” he says with a laugh. (note: he’s obviously being sarcastic)

Atrevida (Brazil) - Source/Via

Nothing really new

10 Minutos (Spain) - Source/Via

Bravo (Spain) - Source/Via

I think there's nothing new

Cine-Tele Revue (Belgium) - Source/Via

TV Grandes Chaînes (France) - Source/Via

Stylist (UK) - Source/Via

Screen (Japan) - Source/Via


The Sexiest Guys 2011/Robert Pattinson in "Water For Elephants"

Rob: We shot with the elephant named Tai, so now that she's not around I miss her (laugh). I could just spend the whole day sitting next to her, no problem. She would never step on anyone, or hurt anyone, or anything like that. There's an incredible charm to elephants.

Q: The charm of this movie?
Rob:Working with amazing actors like Reese and Christoph, for starters. When I met Tai, I thought there way no way anyone else should get this role. In the beginning, I couldn't have imagined it, but every day was just a series of incredible experiences.

Vale (Spain) - Source/Via

Tele Star and Femina (France) - Source/Via

CINEyMAS (Mexico) - Source/Via

Martxan(Mexico) - Source/Via

QUE! (Spain) - Source/Via

Be (France) - Source

TZ (Germany) - Source/Via

I didn't want to post this magazine because it came out in the end of March on Bid (German Tabloid Site) and many people said it was "fake", "made up quotes", but here it is. Grain of salt


I am not a romantic person

In his private life he seems to go easy on love. When asked about his relationship with Kristen Stewart, Rob said to tz-Hollywood correspondent Dierk Sindermann: "I like being in love." Does this prove all the rumors about the break-up with Kristen Stewart? Rob confirms: "At the moment I'm busy promoting my new movie Water For Elephants"

So you have no time for romance?
Robert Pattinson: In general I'm not a romantic person. When I was 14, I put a flower on the chair of a classmate. She thought it was from someone else. (laughs) I decided that that was the end of me with being romantic.

Let's try it with reality. What's the ideal quality you look for in a woman?
Robert Pattinson: Her sense for independence. In a relationship you risk to blend personalities. Most of the time it's the kiss of death.

Talking about kisses. There had been a celebrity auction, where a kiss from you has been auctioned. For 20-thousand dollars...
Robert Pattinson: I've never seen any of this money. It was for a good cause.

So for what are you engaged with (what cause do you support)?
Robert Pattinson: I was involved with the World Wildlife Fund, for protecting tigers. They're endangered animals.

Sorry Rob, but Leonardo di Caprio was first.
Robert Pattinson: Oh really?.. what really is in my heart, is the importance of children to get an education. I would like to join an organization that motivates kids to read books.

Do you have any time for this? Water for Elephants is in cinemas and you're shooting the big final of the Twilight-Saga. Two parts at once.
Robert Pattinson: It feels like I have been a vampire my whole life time. I can't wait to get rid of the make up
and finally to get rid of these bloody contact lenses.

How was it for a change to work with circus animals?
Robert Pattinson: Great. Finally no egos on set. Not even by the biggest star.

Reese Witherspoon?
Robert Pattinson: No, Rosie, the elephant.

How did you win her heart?
Robert Pattinson: With a lot of Jelly Beans.

Who do you understand better? The elephant or your admirers?
Robert Pattinson: The elephant. Absolutely. Cause there's logic in their game. If you give her her favorite food, she does tricks.. (laughs) I haven't figured out how this works with my fans.

Maybe you should've become a vetenerian instead of playing as one in a movie?
Robert Pattinson: That would not be for me. As a veterinarian you have to keep the suffering of animals in perspective. I can't do this. My heart is bleeding. I'm one of these guys who'd adopt a whole animal shelter.

Who keeps you from doing it?
Robert Pattinson: Thank God that Kristen was with me. So we just adopted one dog. A mutt. We called him bear.

If you could be an animal, which would it be?
Robert Pattinson: Maybe a rat. Sometimes I feel like one (grins). No seriously, I want to be a dog. It matches my lifestyle. If I didn't have to stand daily in front of the cameras for 16 or 17 hours, then I would hang around, watch TV and do nothing.

Do you think that the Twilight hype will stop after Breaking Dawn?
Robert Pattinson: All the chitchat surrounding me, has something to do with Twilight. And that's why it will end after this, hopefully. Because I have a boring life.

You won't have any withdrawal symptoms when the girls stop stalking and following you?
Robert Pattinson: Their love don't belong to me, but rather to a fictional character. And this confusion goes for all ages. Not long ago a woman followed me in the airport with her autograph pad. She stuck to her guns. "Robert I love you" "Robert I love you for real" "Robert you have no idea of how much I love you" I asked her "How old are you" Her answer "92"

Not funny?
Robert Pattinson: Really. But the 12 year-olds say the same.

How do you assure your girlfriend that she doesn't have to be jealous of all the admirers?
Robert Pattinson: By not sleeping with them. Oh god, that sounded horrible!

Top 84 (France) - Source

El Pais (Spain) - Source/Via

Telepro (France) - Source/Via

Hot (Malaysia) - Source/Via

Grazia (Italy) - Source/Via

Bravo - Source/Via

Stars (Netherlands) - Source

The interview tells nothing new: seems to be a mash up of several other interviews

Joy (Poland) - Source

Nothing new, unfortunately: Rob is talking about running away from zebras, being in love, Bear, his Kate Moss poster, what he brings with him to his hotel rooms, why he wanted to be a part of WfE and people's jealousy. Everything's been already told in other magazines, I guess. The WfE review is positive (the movie's gotten 4/4 stars from JOY)

Hoy (Spain) - Source

Cinemania (Spain) - Source/Via

Google Translation

Does the media influence the success of his new movie figures, Water For Elephants, or the contrary? Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon and director Francis Lawrence take to the track!

“Boardwalk Empire” was a resounding success, the highly anticipated adaptation of “Hugo Cabret” is on … Looks like the 30s are back in fashion.

There is every reason to hope that the public welcomes with open arms WFE, the adaptation of the novel about a circus theme and with the backdrop of the Great Depression, by Sara Gruen. If one adds to this cocktail, the Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz (“Inglorious Bastards”), a very detailed environment through production designer favorite, Terrence Malick, a charged drama soundtrack and lush photography that reminds us that of Other famous romantic movies like “Memories Of Africa”, “The River Of Life” and “The English Patient”, the success seems assured.
“Yes, Yes!” Say the ladies. “Ok, we’ll give him a chance” Think gentlemen. One moment … There will also Robert Pattinson!

Undoubtedly, the star of Twilight attract hordes of fans at the cinema, which will be difficult for us others, we can see beyond the ubiquitous vampire and his teen idol image. Edward Cullen, it seems, is both a blessing and a curse. “Actually at the time what people thought of me mattered little” realistic Francis Lawrence said when asked about problems that entails choosing one of the most famous men on the planet to give life to the veterinary student Jacob, a young poor and sad, which rises on a bandwagon and discover the reality, both beautiful and devastating to the life of a traveling circus.

Lawrence has begun to interact with Pattinson in 2008, when Twilight came out and started his whirlwind of youthful mass hysteria, in which we are now accustomed. Obviously, he was not afraid of the media impact of the young actor, because he returned to visit him a year later with the completed script.

The director of “Constantine” and “I Am Legend” had fallen in love with the wonderful world described by Sara Gruen’s novel and he was anxious that his vision come to life on the big screen. He had already chosen Reese Witherspoon for the role of Marlena, a star of the circus, trapped in a destructive marriage, for which Jacob feels immediately attracted. Lawrence, both before as now, has managed hysteria surrounding Pattinson a strictly commercial standpoint. “I make films I want the audience to go not interested in running a artistic product that will see a dozen people, “he said.” I like that the public is interested in what I do, and the fact that Rob (Pattinson) has all his fans makes me more relaxed. And a other hand, I think it works in our favor that he wants to prove he can do something different than Twilight. “

Revista de Hoy (Mexico) - Source/Via

InStyle (Germany) - Source


+ He's wearing a grey grandpa cardigan and a fitted, striped t-shirt.
+ His Twilight muscles are gone (He suddenly stopped training after shooting Eclipse)
+ The hype around the cast is flattering but also awkward.
+ There's a moment people start to recognize you as a male, maybe it's my turn now.
+ I'm afraid of the freeways in L.A.
+ I'm addicted to pretzels and M&M's right now.
+ I own 100 pairs of black pants, worn out Doc Martens and something from a second hand store.
+ What makes him happy? Work. And I still love to make music. But I can only concentrate on one thing: music or movie.
+ Water for Elephants was the first job where I didn't go back to my trailer during scenes. I've spent my time nonstop on set. It was like working with babies.
+ About Bear. I've something to take care of now. I don't have to think about what to do when I'm not working. I have a responsibility.
+ I don't have a lot to give up. I'd never sacrifice my family. However I'd ditch my luggage in the hotel to escape with HER [his love].
+ Possesions don't mean much to me. But photographs do.

+ I've deleted all my photos and texts that I've had since Twilight by accident. And all I wanted to do was synch my iPhone. I'm a technical loser.

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