Thursday, May 26, 2011

First look at Rob as Eric Packer in Cosmopolis

Added just a little bigger still thanks to Caitlin Cronenberg's blog - Read her behind-the scenes of that photo here.
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Photo credit: Caitlin Cronenberg

Source: @caitcronenberg via pattinsonlife


henot.evelyne said...

But where are the sideburns ????
WOW he looks hot.

Calihi27 said...

He looks SO HOT! The lack of sideburns makes sense for the part (clean-cut Wallstreet type) I like it! I am SO excited for this movie!! :)

Iluvthemovies said...

ITA he is SMOKIN HOT...I knew he could pull off the suits but the hair fits him so well. I am so excited for him in this role. Forget the other character whose name begins with an E, I think Eric is going to be a very good fit for Rob.

Jane said...

Well, our chameleon is back...Rob is Eric Packer. Man, the look between the two. Hair is perfect for the role. He looks polished and successful and she looks like she wantsw to ....him.

twilightnan said...

WOW!!I'm really impressed..this is only few days in production and we have the first 'Cosmopolis' photo still..ITA @Jane.."our chameleon is back"..only few weeks ago we were all swooning about 'Jacob' it is '..Eric Packer's turn to drive us wild with lust lol!!..Hi!@ Iluvthemovies and @Calihi27..Ita with your comments..looking like we are going for an amazing and swoon/drooling time following Rob throughout the production of this 'Cosmopolis'!!I can't wait!!Thanks RPL..hi to the rest of the favs:)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, indeed.

Going to be an intense film.