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Rob's Interview with Gala - Translated

Do you remember the last time you have been incognito?
When has it been? Oh yeah, recently at a dinner. I was told at the reception that there’s a table with 18 persons next to mine. I thought knee-jerked “Oh no, a gaggle of teenagers?”. There have been 18 Asian kids but none knew me. I had the most relaxing dinner for ages.

If you compare your life as a megastar with one of a guy from London who makes a night of, what are you missing most?
To meet new people. It sounds strange when somebody with my profession says this but I mean really get known new people. Mostly, I’m asking myself twice if I can trust people so the most relationships stay casually.

Whom did you adore when you were a teenager?
Puppy love wasn’t my thing. Maybe Arsenal London but that’s it.

Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz have an OSCAR at home, you are known as a teenage-swarm. How could you assert yourself?
It was very easy. You should always work with the best, it’s easy for you then. Reese and Christoph have been a kind of insurance package.

In your movies, you’re suffering all the time. Must love always hurt?
When you look at my character in WfE, of course! Nearly every time I kiss Reese I get hurt afterwards (laughs)

You have a liability to complicated relationships in your movies. A vampire who is doomed to virginity, a keeper who’s in love with his boss’ wife…
It’s a mere chance! A love story doesn’t have to have a happy end but to a life-long friendship. Everything else is a cliché and I’m bored about it.

Don’t you like the idea of a romantic, the absolute love?
Oh yeah, definitely. In the movies the people have always to work very hard to be happy in the end. In the real life it’s happening very easy and you abandon oneself for love.

How does a woman have to be, to conquer your heart?
Puh. I always had a crush on girls who don’t like me. I like if someone is intelligent, talented and ambitious.

Like Kristen Stewart
(smiles and silence)

Reese Witherspoon is supposed to disliked the love scences with you…
Hm, maybe Reese was just not turned on? No, I think it was because she was close to her wedding and she didn’t want to have something with another guy.

Would it stir you to have something going on with a married women?
No, I’m not the guy who would steal somebody else’ girl.

Was it more easy to get body contact with your other co-star?
Tai is really different from how you’re imagine an elephant, she’s incredible. So deliberate and careful. Once, she nearly lied on my without even touching me, although she could have smashed me with one single move. I think she has deformed me for all co-stars to come. Just babies and animals are so selfless in front of a camera. Amongst adult actors is always a kind of comprehension.

Are you talking about Christoph Waltz?
No, I swear: Christoph is the funniest guy you can imagine. No reason to be nervous. He is always asked: Can Robert Pattinson really act? He always defends me, you see, he’s a great guy (laughs)

What do you think, why do people still think you’re a not-talented teenie star?
That’s the way it is. When you’re successful you’ve to pay for it. Because Twilight has been this successful I’ve to prove for the next 10 years that I can act as another guy than Edward.

You can easily receive the impression that you are a bit unconfident and that you have to justify for your success. Why is that?
Often, I don’t know what to answer on special questions. Do you have an idea? “How do you feel a the sexiest man alive?” How should I? Like a complete idiot! Maybe I have luck compared to my female colleagues. I think they have to answer much more “sexy-questions” than I have to.

Just ask Brad Pitt…
You’re right. What I mean is that it belongs to women, they can play each character anyway. When an actor is named to be a sex-symbol it’s kind of a bane because nobody take you seriously afterwards.

Actually, you’re in an enviable position: the biggest heartthrob in the world, apart from Justin Bieber.
It's in comprehensible how I could be named in the same category with him! I respect Justin Bieber but we’re from totally different poles. I really can’t understand how I could ever call the same emotions he does. Probably I belong to the same target audience but I didn’t ever wanted the fame.

But you became famous, what are doing with it now?
I’m sitting in hotel rooms and play “fall down” on my iPhone to delirium. A ridiculous waste of time, you don’t need any part of your brain, you just have to roll the little ball around. I can play it about 16hrs.

I also download films but I don’t have more than 20 min. to concentrate on it at the moment. Mostly I fall asleep.

Are you suffering on stress? Burn-out?
No, I’m just tired all the time. I’m sort of stand-by-mode when I don’t work.

You’re most of your time on the way, anyway you’ve adopted a dog from a animal shelter. Isn’t your life kind of unsettled to look after a puppy?
I thought this too, but I realized a set is a the perfect area for a dog. There’re at least 100 persons for his entertainment all the time. When I have free time I’ll team him in my trailer.

Which tricks can he do already?
After one day he was house-trained, with age of 9 week he could come for a stave, he’s a genius. Maybe because he is a mongrel and got all the best from his forefathers.

Maybe you should become a dog-whisperer?
No, I have already one of my three dream jobs.

What are the other two?
Pianist in a hotel lobby at the Riviera or politician.

At least something in the spotlight?
Every actor is egoistic, for sure. On the other hand I’m doing this for myself. You always learn incredible much.

What’s your dream character to play? Maybe a bad guy what Christoph Waltz likes to play?
Finally, I can shoot someone in my next movie. I’d like to do this for ages: Just go into the office in the morning and….boom

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