Friday, May 27, 2011

Adorable Rob in New Images (Screencaps) from Barcelona - Press Conference, Premiere and Photocall

These look like HQ screencaps to me, but I looked and couldn't find the videos. Very nice because we didn't get any pictured from the press conference (just a few twitpics and pictures from the photocall) and Rob looks adorable in those.

I included the photocall and premiere screencaps. TodoTwilightSaga posted the images in 3 big collages, but I was bored and cropped each image. They're not the best crops though.

Press Conference



Original Collages

Thanks to TodoTwilightSaga


twilightnan said...

Thank you for these gorgeous pics of Rob..OMG! those eyes are so mesmerising,and how about those killer smiles..I'm busy clicking and saving..these WFE world promo tours pics and videos are amazing!!wishing someone else would do my houseworks so I'll have more time looking at Rob's pic and will feel like I'm in heaven lol!!hi to the favs!!:)

Jane said...

Fantastic!! I think Rob is a real vampire for his eyes change color, sometimes blue, sometimes green, sometimes mesmerizing.