Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rob at the Cosmopolis set today in Toronto - May 29th

ETA: There are a few doubles, others are just from different sources - less reflection from the cafe's glass window, more clear, cropped differently...

Robert Pattinson, Sarah Gadon, Kevin Durand and director David Cronenberg at the Cosmopolis set in Toronto - Sunday, May 29th.

HQ - Filming


HQ Pictures - Arriving at the set and rehearsal

Fan pictures

From Mr. Will-W - click to read his full recap
An attention-shy Pattinson had his Lunch delivered to him in his deluxe Trailer from Craft Services and was seen with a bottle of Nestea Iced Green Tea in his hand walking into his Make-up Trailer for a touch-up. Noticing Paparazzi and Fans trying to snap away, he at one point tried hiding behind his Handler, before toughening-up and braving the Cameras. One Paparazzi got in a little too close and was warned, "You better stay back or I'm gonna make sure everyone else gets their Photos except you!". Ouch.

Wrapping around 5:00 PM, Fans received a friendly wave from Pattinson before he headed off for the day.

From Dayna - Read her fan report at Cosmopolis Film



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Anonymous said...

He looks so tired! I hope he takes a break after this one... he really deserves it!

Jane said...

I think he looks excited to be working with such a prestiges director. Sarah and Rob are just a year apart, so being practically the same age, they should have a lot in common.

Iluvthemovies said...

Luv seeing Cronenberg working with Robert. I can see the magic already taking place. Sarah and Rob look like they will have great chemistry on this movie. He is so handsome in that suit. I also luv the touch of the watch. So different from his other movies and real life. He so looks like a businessman.

DebbieCDC said...

I noticed that watch too, yowza that's a big honker. Cartier? Omega? Breitling? I love watches, I think they are really jewelry. He looks pretty damn fine as Mr. PackingSome *Whew*

selinka3 said...

And Sarah is so beautiful:)) I hope he will finally leave this ugly Kristen::))

Sue said...

Oh atesasia, so nice of you to say that! So classy! I'm sure Rob would love to hear you say that about his girlfriend :)

And... ugly Kristen? Really???

Anonymous said...

i dont wanna be like this
but common look at how he act
he is trying to impress her by being funny like what he did with kristen in twilight
and thers a crutch by they way he look at her
i never saw rob look like that for any girl except kris

Alma said...

@whocare12: Rob is a funny type of guy, he obviously uncomfortable with the papz all around him while he works. I bet it must be embarrassing for him so he tries to make jokes aka entertain people so the awkwardness is not so bad. That is just the type of guy Rob is so i dont think you should worry about it:)

and @atesasia: Kristen is not ugly just an FYI and are you seriously going to try to match Rob with any other actress he works with just because you don't approve of Rob and Kristen's relationship?

Bottom line im so glad for Rob. His career is blooming and he is happy. We as fans should all be happy for him regardless. Thank you RPLife for always sharing the awesome pics. :)

selinka3 said...

Mandy:Yes i think that she is ugly.That is my opinion of course!!And talking about classy-Mandy????:)))
Robsten dream:You talk like you know Robert Pattinson:))It is pitty!!!

enjoylife said...

atesasia: After so many years in this fandom most fans of Rob know that a certain part of people is praising Rob's other female co stars only as long as they can stir controversy and use it to bash Kristen. After the movie is set and done this "fans" never mention Emily, Reese etc. again. Maybe your reason is jealousy or just the expression of frustration, but what does it matter why you are doing it. The only thing that matters is to support Rob as a fan and most people have luckily learned to handle comments like yours.

@CrisRK913 said...

This is the only RobPattzfan site I follow on my twitter.
Some comments shouldn't be allowed here,I think It's so direspectful when you bash his girlfriend, bc I'm sure as hell, his PERSONAL life is NONE of our business. Why can't people make good comments about how wonderful he is or how hardworking he is???? No, losers will always be losers!!!
It makes me deeply sad this is allowed here!
Rob was my inspiration to watch all the saga, and he brought me Kristen.Because They make a wonderful couple, they are beautiful outside and inside!
And MUST be joking when you say Kristen is ugly!!!bwahahahahahhahaha

Please owner of RPLife, don't allow some disrespectful comments here, it's a beautiful site and you are doing a wonderful job here!


XOXO, Michelle said...

I agree, this shouldn't be a place for bashing. His relationships are none of our business. We all find some people attractive while not attracted to others, and what right does anyone have to pass judgment on some else, be it on their looks, or love life. There's a special set of words for behavior like that. Jealousy, and hater. Rob is a wonderful actor and musician. None of us know him beyond that!


pierrette said...

i always come to this site because you guys always have the best pictures and latest news on pattinson and his latest work, never posted a comment but i was somewhat appalled at some negative comments by this atesasia person . for a moment i thought i was on "hollywood life " or "eonline cause they usually attract the hateful ones ,i don't expect everyone to agree but at least post your opinion respectfully. i think kristen is quite beautiful , not much for blondes even though sarah gabon is quite nice looking.The man likes who he likes and i'm quite sure our opinions do not matter to him. his private life is his own . let's all be respectful and enjoy his movies and support him.

m bella said...

really, sara is not seen, placed you clothing similar to kristen in lapa, including belt. look at that hair with black root omg, reese withered body. use the co stars to attack kristennn! the skin, eyes, voice kristen attitude does not have competence and Robert loves

Calihi27 said...

Yes, really. Hateful comments are not welcome here! If you're going to be hateful about any aspect of Rob's life, please take your negative sh*t elsewhere. Its sad that some "fans" can't let Rob be happy with whomever he is with (Kristen) and it is so obvious he is happy. I'm so excited that Rob is working with Cronenberg! This is such a wonderful next step in his career. I love the choices he is making in his films after Twi. He is going to have a long and successful career and I'll love supporting him every step of the way!