Thursday, May 19, 2011

Even more gorgeous new HQ pictures of Rob at the WFE London Premiere

To more pictures from the WFE London Premiere, click on the tag "WFE London Promo" and scroll the posts


☽♪Mary Zoey♪☾ said...

Dios mío ¿qué es esto? Esto no es un hombre, sino un monumento del dios griego!
My God what is this? This is not a man but a monument of the Greek god!;P

dariel said...

He has become so sophisicated and grown up from the Harry Potter days. What's more, he looks like he is more comfortable with his fame and status in life these days.

twilightnan said...

I was at the WFE London premiere on 3rd of was an Amazing experience to see Robert Pattinson in person for the first time...he was more stunning in person !!I was so mesmerised by his handsome face...he looks Hot in that Gucci suit! was so wonderful to see him so happy:)