Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Rob!

It's May 13th!

Rob wishes himself a happy birthday

And the media does the same

Some of the cutest interviews via Access Hollywood

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Some of his best quotes via The Stir

The funniest manips via MTV

Get your own Edward Cullen cake via Next Movie

Deb's hot picspam via Pattinsonlife (must be a member to see)

25 reasons to love him via EW, OK! UK and Popsugar

Rob's 25 Hottest Red Carpet Looks via InStyle

And look who is on IMDb's main page

♥♥♥ Happy Birthday, Rob! ♥♥♥


WickedBrownEyes said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Rob!
Go nuts man it's your day!
And I just wanted to also thank your parents for conceiving you. You are a special gift upon us all.

I'm sure you are getting plenty of love today! *wink* *wink*

meleny said...

Happy Birthday Rob!!! Enjoy your day, lots of hugs and kisses for you <3

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rob!!!

All the happiness in the world for a man who deserves it!

And I hope that he had a amazing day beside his girl! ♥

twilightnan said...

Happy 25th Birthday Rob!!!I am sure you will have a fantastic birthday together with the love of your life Kristen and Bear!:)..Happy Happy 25th Birthday to you ROB..the most amazing actor and most delisciously Handsome man in the Planet!!..thank you RPL!!Mandy and Linda for all your hard work..great site!..hugs to the favs!!

henot.evelyne said...

Happy Birthday to the lovely, talented and handsome Robert Pattinson. And many, many others after this one, full of joy, happiness, friends and love, AND RESPECT. Don't change a iota, because we like you just the way you are.