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Rob's Interview with 'Vuélveme loca' at the Barcelona Premiere - The interview with the glasses

ETA: Added translation of the interview


Today in Vuelveme Loca we bring you the 'Greatest Show on Earth,' because we attended the Water for Elephants premiere. Everything is ready because the stars from the film, Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon are about to arrive.

*How long have you been waiting here?(to fans)"Since yesterday morning".

*Are you gonna try and get his autograph? "That's what I'm hoping for" Wohoo!

*What time did you get there? (to older fan) "Since nine in the morning" - you have some years on you (us: lol!)

This is what's happening here, let's see if they get here soon. And Robert Pattinson appears! - euphoria in Barcelona!

Robert Pattinson is signing for all of his fans that have been waiting for him for more than twelve hours.

Hi Robert, welcome to Spain.
Rob: "Thanks a lot"

Overwhelmed? - Rob: "Loud" - "This is crazy"

When you see this what do you think? - Rob: "It's always unexpected" - "I haven't been in Spain in like seven years"

This is your second time here? Rob: "Yes, but this is the loudest (crowd?) that I've heard in the world".

All the girls have your face plastered on the front of their folders, when you pass by a school what do you think? - Rob: "Great"

That could be dangerous. Rob: "Absolutely" "I run as fast as I can".

In this movie you play a veterinarian, in your real life do you have a pet?

Rob: "I have a dog. He's small now, but's he'll be large".

You are prince William'cousin, did he invite you to the wedding? - Rob: "that he's part of my family?, no, I don't even know him?"

(interview with Christoph Waltz - he asks him where he keeps his Oscar, goes to clips with other people saying where. Christoph says: "Mine keeps moving" "I have it trained") lol..

(Then he talks to Francis Lawrence. Francis says working on Lady Gaga videos has helped him with directing films - Is it harder to work with animals or Lady Gaga? - Francis: "Lady Gaga" "Animals do what you tell them") again, lol..

(With Reese he talks about working with animals, was she afraid: She answers "Poquito miedo" (a little) - She says she'd only been to Madrid, She has a lot of animals at home, and then reporter gives her the equivalent of a Spanish Oscar. A can of "the best olives in Spain".)

(Then there's another Francis clip, where *here's a fact we didn't know* Francis says his wife is from Pamplona "there's great bulls there" makinga comment after reporter tells him his name is "Torito" or small bull. Francis goes on to say he'd love to do a film in Spain, then thanks the show in Spanish).

Back to Reese, who he asks if she can sing anything, she belts out "Pam Panamericano"

FINALLY.. we get to THE Rob part.

Sign me an autograph: for Torito. Torito, little bull. Tells Rob "Gracias Rey" -thank you King, then gives away the autograph to a fan.

Okay! Robert! wrap it up for us: Rob: "It doesn't have lenses" "I look really smart" - We say goodbye with Robert Pattinson. Rob: "Adios Familia".

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