Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Amazing Rob Interview - Talks about WFE, wanting to be a hobo, his friends, London and more

Rob talks about Water for Elephants, working with Oscar winners and animals, meeting Tai, filming the love scene with Reese, living in hotels for 3 years, wanting to be a hobo, what he misses the most about London, his friends, where he wants to live, how to avoid paparazzi. And the cutest "off camera moment" in the end.

The questions they ask him - thanks to Sonia on Pattinsonlife

What did you like about Water For Elephants?

What was the most terrifying? Working with animals or with actors who have Oscars?

Was it love at first sight with Tai, the elephant?

Which period of time would you have liked to live in?

Reese said that your sex scenes were 'disgusting'. What do you have to say about that?

Could you live a wandering life, like Jacob or are you too attached to your comfort?

Choose 3 things you would put in your suitcase...

What do you miss the most about England?

'In order to live happily, live hidden.' Is that your motto?

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itsmekikid said...

I love that he does that comfort thing-- when people intertwine their hands like that, it's kind of a subconscious way to comfort themselves. I have always done that too.

Tania said...

Great interview ! Rob is adorable during the off camera moment. Wanna hug him ;-)