Friday, July 20, 2012

The New 'Cosmopolis' site is finally up! New Stills

The new 'Cosmopolis' site (the url is on the new Cosmopolis US poster and trailer) is finally up and it looks amazing!

There are four sections in the site: About (Synopsis and Cast), Gallery, News and Clips

Most of the stills in the gallery were posted, but there are few new ones.

And old one, but now bigger

And two news ones - Cronenberg and Sarah Gadon

Here some screencaps of all the sections of the site

Click HERE to visit it right now.

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alwiega said...

"We can't show what we're not offered. That is a question for the film company", says Werhenberg Theaters of St. Louis as to why no Cosmopolis or On The Road in STL. WTF