Monday, July 16, 2012

Rob, Kristen and Taylor Interview with eTalk

Watch it in HD (Source) - Thanks to @veronicaspuffy for youtube

ETA: Full video of the eTalk interview - Parts 1 and 2 in one video (thanks to veronicaspuffy


katy said...

That was adorable. Rob and Kristen are so damn cute!! And the way they look at each other, hasn't change from 4 year ago...just AWWW :')

alwiega said...

Forgive me, but all is not well in paradise. Watching 3or4 times, he doesn't lean into her at all. WOW Maybe they are just normal like the rest of us now. Living in a real house too.

Casey said...

At first I was like, "No you're crazy." But after watching this and everything else that happened that day, I'm thinking maybe you're right. The chemistry is definitely not as apparent as it used to be.