Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Get Your Bel Ami UK DVD and Blu Ray and the directors talk about Rob

The Bel Ami DVD and Blu Ray is already out in the UK. Did you get your copy yet?

HMV is selling an exclusive Bel Ami Blu-ray and DVD which contain footage of Rob at the Berlin film festival talking about the movie at the press junket as well as on the red carpet which no other discs in the UK contain.

You can buy it HERE. Or get the regular version from amazon UK: DVD | Blu Ray

To celebrate the release of the DVD we decided to do something different. Today, July 26th, at 7PM BST/2PM ET we had watch-a-long of Bel Ami on twitter (if you're not following us yet, do it now --> @RPLife) with exclusive comments from the directors (Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod) about the film, Rob, and a lot more.

But if you missed it, here's what the directors had to say about Rob and the movie. The answers of Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod from the watch-a- long.
In the scene where Georges attacks Virginie Rousset - how did Robert Pattinson and Kristin Scott Thomas prepare for this?
Kristin, Declan, Rob and Nick discussed quite extensively, Nick chose the positions for the kick etc but then it was improvised in the moment.

What was the most difficult scene to adapt from the book to the film?
This wasn’t our job you would need to ask the writer, Rachel!

What was the most challenging thing about shooting in Budapest?
We had to close down the main boulevard, but the weather was perfect

How did Rob and the cast deal with the nudity? Did they have any issues with it?
Nobody had any issue with it they were all very professional when it came to these scenes!

How would you describe each member of your cast in one word?
This question is far too difficult! They are each wonderful in their very different ways.

What scene took the longest to shoot and how long did it take?

The dinner scene took two days as this was a crucial scene and we wanted to get it right

What scenes from the book did you choose not to film and why?
There were many scenes as we wanted to focus on his relationship with the women.

Are there any scenes that you filmed but decided to cut?
No we stuck pretty close to the script as we were really happy with the end result

What was your favourite scene to film? Why did you enjoy shooting this scene more than any other?

The Moulin Rouge was great fun - we loved the dancing and it was a really great location

How was Robert on set with the actress who played Clotilde's daughter?
Robert was great and very relaxed in the scenes shot between the two characters

What did you find most appealing, personally, about that period in Paris? Did you do a lot of research to get the right tone?
It’s very rich and exciting time in Parisian history. We did as much research as we could to get the scenes as accurate to the history as possible

It seems like Georges is similar to modern day ‘celebrities’ who become famous despite having no particular talent –
Yes – Nick, I and Rob were all attracted to this character of the empty man, on to whom others can pin their fantasies. A man who feels he deserves everything, who is rotted by the modern cancer of entitlement.

The women seem to pull the shots at the beginning of the movie but end up betrayed by Georges – why is this?
He uses them to get on, but don’t forget that they use him too.

Jealousy seems to be a main theme between Georges and Madeleine - was this an emotion that Robert and Uma could easily relate to?
I think we all can, don’t you???? Show me someone that never gets jealous and I’ll show you a liar!!!

The newspaper industry in Paris seemed quite corrupt – do you think this draws comparisons to the newspaper industry at the moment?
Yes! It is about the newspapers in close and secret collaboration with the government. They had no mobile phones to tap in those days.

Do you think Georges genuinely loved any of the ladies in the film? Madame Morelle seemed to get very hurt by him...
If Georges wasn’t so in love with himself he would probably be in love with Clothilde.

Of all the pairings in the movie, what’s your favourite relationship in the film?
Georges has probably met his match in Suzanne. I don’t think she’ll give him an easy life!

How long did the movie take to film?
Just the shooting was two months but it was many months in preparation.

You’re respected theatre directors, was it hard making the transition from directing plays to a movie?
We were daunted but once we got going we loved it. By the end of the first afternoon we were addicted and now can’t wait to make another movie!!

Did you have any preconceptions before working with Robert based on the films he had been involved with before Bel Ami?
Only that he was a very good actor, we had no idea how much fun he was. He is great to be with.

What was Robert Pattinson like on set?
A delight and very hard working

Had you watched the Twilight films before working with Robert?
The first one and we absolutely loved it!

Did any of the female cast develop a crush on Robert during filming?
You better ask them!

Is there any interesting stories involving him and fans during the filming of Bel Ami?
We hardly saw any fans. Seriously!! Until the red carpet at Berlin!!

Would you work with Robert Pattinson again?
Absolutely, he was a true professional and a real gentleman

How did you deal with the paparazzi?
We didn’t see them all that much close to the set - they have very long lenses!

Do you have any fond memories from working with Robert?
Every day was a pleasure and we still keep in touch. I hope we will work together soon again.

Can you tell us something about Robert that we might not know?
He is very serious about his work and loves watching movies (other peoples!!) He is deeply articulate…


Anonymous said...

now THAT's interesting! I cant wait. Got my copy today will tune in tomorrow. Thanks for organising this !

JA said...

great idea RPL! wish i was in the UK and had my Bel-Ami copy :(

twilightnan said...

WhooHooo!!!got my Bel Ami dvd today...*waves* the dvd to @JA:D...and Iluvthemovies,Twilola,& Yaelfica...will be watching this tonight 24th July 2012 with the hubby;)..I can't wait!!lol!..I'll be thinking of you ladies...I know you are all jealous lol!..never're going to see The Pretty in Q&A for Cosmopolis in NYC..that's going to be awesome you'll see Rob in person:)..and you are nearer to him than I am :( ..just thinking of the irony that he is a Brit but lives far away from us:)

Anonymous said...

I got my "Bel_Ami" dvd yesterday and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS FILM! I didn't think I will, but it is actually one of my favourite films now and could't wait to start reading Guy de Maupassant. Ok I hope we're still doing the Twitter watch with directors tomorrow ...right? Despite the other drama going on... I can't wait. Bel ami is SO MUCH BETTER THAN COSMOPOLIS! So much! It should have been to Cannes instead of Cosmo IMO.

No name said...

My heart is broken and sadden... Because I am so thinking about my sweet Rob.....wondering if he is ok????? Rob don't forget that you are loved my millions all over the world.

No name said...

Saw Bel Ami twice over the weekend, it was sooo freaking good...that's why I watched it twice!!!!! Love my Rob.

Eliz said...

W love and support you Rob!

twmmy said...

I'm a little sad. My copy will arrive next week...

Evelyne-raconte said...

I saw Bel Ami first in French, then in English : GREAT each time. I will buy the DVD in October, I don't know exactly the release date in France. I can't wait for the COSMO DVD, which I've seen in French and English too : Excellent.
Hold on Rob, you are good, great actor, very talented and sensitive. I'm very curious for THE ROVER and MISSION BLACKLIST, but I'm sure that both will be very good, and I will be there in the theater to support your work.
I hope the best for you, life is sometime hard but the sun will shine again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for organising the Bel Ami twitter watch. It was SO much fun/informative!..and much needed time out. That's why we connect with Actors and films, for the Art work. It's great to keep the focus on that. Thank you!

No name said...

Loved Bel Ami!!!!! Rob was great in it :)