Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Peter Facinelli talks about meeting Rob for the first time

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Eliz said...

I wish we could see a pic of Rob with those extensions. I had heard Rob talk about them and how much he hated them. I love what they ended up with in Twilight, his hair was perfect, just what I envisioned for Edward.

Gloria B.Wilhelm said...

I would like to touch on the rumour that devastated us all, if it was true. This is the time to show your loyalty to both. I never would call myself a fan, because the word "fan" is shortcut for "fanatic" meaning blinded devotion. I like both Rob and Kristen very, very much and am so fond of them that I follow their careers, why I could observe them with open eyes and not be obsessed over them.

We were all young once. I was young once, very pretty and popular. I got engaged to a man whom I was madly in love with; however, I harboured a crush over a mature, married guy who was one of the senior vice-presidents of the large corporation I was working for. Power is so intoxicating, and I saw him as powerful. I knew he always fancied me, too. At one of the parties, we finally came close and were dancing. Oh boy, the emotion, the chemistry, the heat. Needless to say, I carried the guilt for some time but finally confessed to my fiance. We cried and cried but made up in the sweetest way possible.

What I am trying to say is that the hormones could win over the strongest among us when we were young(and I am strong and consider myself very intelligent),but we move on and learn our lessons. Life is all about that.

I hope, in this difficult times, that both will find some solution. If they truly love each other, they will find a way to forgive and if, fated, to be together stronger as ever. This is what I hope sincerely. Please support them. (Sorry, about the personal info).

elena said...

PLEASE, post something to support ROB, he must be going through HELL.

Thank you

Carrie said...

I am heartbroken ...devestated. He is such a good guy, she is the love of his life, everyone could always see how much he loves her! And she breaks his heart in the most painful and humiliating way ... I always liked her, but I am so disappointed right now. He did not deserve to be treating that way..no one does. It may sound hard but I hope he won't forgive her because he deserves so much better...and I truly believe that he will find the perfect woman one day!! I love you Rob, be strong

No name said...

Laarni...so glad you have learnt from your mistake, however the world did not know about your mistake and it did not piublicly devastate and humiliate your husband. It is much easier to work on relationships when these things happen away from the public eyes.
However, as a fan of Rob I agree with Carrie..Rob loved this girl more that anything..after 4 years he still looks at her as if he had just met her and as if she was the only female in the world. She took his love for granted because she knows he is very week when it comes to her. She also knows how sensitive he is, especially when it comes to people who cheats.
Kristen was always acting shy to kiss Rob in public, even when he tries(WFE premiere in car) yet she is on the street in daylight kissing and caressing someone she claims was a momentary lapse in judgment, yeah.....think about that.
Rob deserves someone better than Kristen Stewart. Everyone who has come in contact with rob talks about him in the sweetest way. I hope he moves on and end this humiliating chapter of his life, especially while he still can...with whatever dignity he has left.
Laarni..at least you respected your husband enough to tell him the truth eventually and not have him find out in this most humiliating and devastating way.
Rob I hope you move on and don't linger because once a cheater always a cheater, and you and everyone else who knows the R/K history know exactly what I am talking about.