Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pictures and Video of Rob and Kristen Arriving/Leaving at Comic Con

ETA: Added video at the bottom of the post


Arriving at Hilton Hotel

Leaving Hilton Hotel

Leaving the panel

LQ fan picture

Thanks to Pattinsonlife and Kstewartfans | Fan Picture

Video via @vonch


Anonymous said...

This is a site on Robert or "Robsten"? -_____________________-

Amcas (Ang) said...
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ylreveba said...

of course is a Rob site.. if you're bothered by ROB'S GIRLFRIEND that is not RPLife problem I think

vulpecula said...

of course, is a site of Robsten, too obvious, not just photos together (which makes sense in this event) ... It is also necessary to include a gallery kstewartfans ;)
The fans that only follow Robert are outcasts, we aren't considered true fans.

Jess said...

I cannot lol What do you people want them to do? Edit Kristen out of the videos where they BOTH appear? You're being ridiculous.

As always ladies, thank you for the hard work today. Appreciate it. :)

yashi said...

oh here they go with their boohoo hoo crying bitching and moaning cause RPlife posts pics of Kristen, get the heck over your Edward Cullen wet dreams Hags and kids he will never be yours, Kristen is his girlfriend and costar GET THE FUCK OVER IT thank you , keep going girls your site is the best cause you guys acknowledge every aspect of Robert's life !!

No name said...

Come on guys, can't we all just get along for our Rob sake!!!