Sunday, July 22, 2012

Teen Choice Awards 2012 Master Post


Ultimate Choice Award - Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner - The Twilight Saga
Choice Movie Romance - The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1



On stage



On stage



The Twilight Saga wins Ultimate Choice Award - Sweet montage with all 4 movies and Rob, Kristen and Taylor on stage

Short video of Rob and Kristen backstage

Fan Pictures

Rob and Kristen arriving at the TCAs

On stage

Fan picture thanks to @clairrieee and @TinaQNguyen
Videos thanks to @veronicaspuffy

HQs thanks to Pattinsonlife and Elle ♥


Iluvthemovies said...

Very sweet gesture to give the surfboards to the fans in the audience. He always seems to want to give something to the fans who made him an international superstar. With gestures like this no wonder we think he is such an amazing person.

Unknown said...

Dud of a show.

tori said...

O lawd rob what are you wearin and why bb

Anonymous said...

Loved Rob's outfit, very edgy and sexy! So proud of his sweet gesture in giving his award to the fans. He always finds a way to express his appreciation for those who support him. It was nice that Kris followed his lead and gave her award away also.

No name said...

Love my Rob!!!!!

katy said...

Awww, Rob and Kristen looked so adorable with their colour coordinated clothes. They look beautiful, as always. And sweet Rob giving his board to the fans, and then Kristen following is suit, show how kindhearted they are and how thankful they are to the fans.

Cyndi R. said...

My favorite part of the show! I will miss all the Twilight hype when it is all done in November. Rob looked hot and awesome as ever. I believe if you look at the photos, this was their way of telling the world subtlety they are a officially a couple. Color coordinated clothes, plus they were holding hands when they came out and I hadn't noticed until the photo that Rob lifted their hands in the air with Kristin obviously slightly embarassed. I did notice that she quickly grabbed Taylors hand too cause she didn't want to be completely obvious. I don't care if they played Edward and Bella on screen or not - they have always had such great chemistry as Rob and Kristen in interviews that I have been rooting for this union from the beginning! Good for them! Congrats to the whole Twilight crew - Rob was super sweet giving that back to the fans, they know they wouldn't be what they are in the public eye without us! Classy guy & gal! :)

twilightnan said...

I'm pretty sure I was already snoozing away in our comfi bed when the show started lol! last..I 've seen the video and pics of the award late this afternoon UK time..I was shocked,bewildered and sad that Rob did not win any individual awards:(..that Ian (whatshisname) won the male hottie award*no way in my book he would be the winner..grr! ,and THG kiss won against BD1 *sratches head*..well that's teen choice for you:) least Twilight happy to see Rob and Kristen in co-ordinating outfits--a very subtle way of indirectly showing to the world that they are officially a couple!..both looks amazing..@Iluvthemovies..ita..that "gesture" of Rob and Kristen to give that surfboards to the fans was very sweet and thoughtful!

tori said...

Rob grabbed Taylor's hand as he was in the middle, not Kristen. OT3. Sigh: Taybert!