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'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' - Comic Con Panel

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Coming Soon transcript
A special moment of remembrance was held in memory of Gisela Gagliardi, the fan who tragically lost her life earlier this week.

Taylor Lautner, Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have taken the stage to much screaming!

Mackenzie Foy has come to the SDCC stage for the first time ever! Stephenie Meyer has joined as well and they’re going to play a special message from Bill Condon. He could not be in attendance because he is scoring the film in London. They’re about to show the first seven minutes! Whoa.

Clip 1

We start from the moment that Part I ends. Bella has just opened her eyes. She sees everything. Tiny cracks in the walls. Dust in the air. Edward. She looks down at his hand and then at hers. She sees the ring and moves to embrace him.
She’s stronger than she thinks and he winces in pain. “It’s your turn to break me,” he says. He tells her she’s beautiful and takes her to a mirror. She looks at her new eyes. She wants to see her daughter, but Edward says that she needs to hunt first to get her strength. We cut to them running through the woods. They’re moving super-fast, but the world slows so we can see their perspective. Again, Bella sees everything. Flowers in bloom. A spider spinning a web. Spider-Man?
Bella leaps, gliding over a waterfall. Edward tells her to listen. She hears owls. A chipmunk. Finally, a deer! She moves in for the kill, but — all of a sudden — there’s a mountain climber in the distance who cuts his hand. Unable to control herself, she races, rapidly climing to rock to attack. Edward won’t let her attack the climber. He tells her that she’s doing great and that even experienced vampires have trouble with resisting the smell of human blood. She’s angry, but stops her approach, jumping right off the mountain into the woods. Deciding to go after the deer after all, she stalks her prey. Just as she’s about to attack, however, a mountain lion moves in.
She leaps, catching the mountain lion in mid-air and tearing it apart. She takes its life instead, letting the deer run free. Edward and Bella head back to the house. Jacob is there and comes out to greet them. He tells her that her eyes are weird.
He mentions the baby and Bella asks, “Since when do you care about Renesmee?”
Edward and Jacob exchange an awkward look. Bella smells Jacob and tells him that she finally realizes what everyone has been talking about: he really does stink. He smiles and tells them that they’re a beautiful couple.

Clip 2

The next clip is later on and Bella is taking lessons from the Cullens about how to act human. She has special contact lenses for her eyes, but can’t stop moving with super-speed or super strength. They try to get her to sit in a chair, telling her that she’s sitting to straight. “Humans don’t do that,” they say, reminding her blink at least three times every minute. She tries, but looks forced doing so. “That’s great,” says Jacob, “For a cartoon character!”

The first fan question is about what villain each cast member would dress as if they attend SDCC as a fan.
“The evil queen from ‘Snow White’!” says Kristen
Rob says, “I’d want to dress as one of you guys.”
But then adds, “Maybe Zod! Kneel!”

The next question is for Stephenie about whether or not “Midnight Sun” might come back as a film or a book.
She’s saying that Robert Pattinson should write it.
She says she’s a little burnt out on vampires at the moment.
But she doesn’t rule out the possibility of something down the line.

Someone asks if there are any scenes that didn’t make it in that they wish had?
Nikki Reed says, “We filmed the dog bowl scene!”
Taylor is laughing about it and saying that he kept hitting her in the face with the bowl and the dog bowl.
“I’m sure it’ll be in the deleted scenes,” says Taylor.

Someone is asking about their favorite scenes.
“Obviously, Brazil was beautiful,” says Kristen, “But my wedding was beautiful. And I’m not being cheezy here.”
Robert is talking about shooting in Brazil and how incredible it was.

A little girl is asking a question: “Did you enjoy finally playing a vampire?”
She says that it was like waiting for Christmas.
and adds, “You’re really cute, man!”

“If your character in Breaking Dawn could give your character in Twilight any piece of advice, what would it be?”
“Keep it in your pants,” Robert laughs to much applause.

Another question about favorite scenes, but this about Breaking Dawn in particular.
Kristen says that shooting the hunt was her favorite and anything with her as a vampire in the woods.
Taylor loves the scene where he confesses about his imprinting.
Kristen says that she always imagined throwing him across a field, but they did in a small space and Bill Condon just made her performance louder.
Mackenzie loved riding the Jacob wolf. She says she lost a tooth.
“Now I have big girl teeth!”

Another little girl just asked, “Was it very fun doing the Twilight Saga?”
They all agree that it was, very much so.

The next question is about favorite concerts.
Nikki Reed says, “Is it cheezy to say that I love watching my husband play music?”
“N’Sync all the way,” jokes Kellan Lutz.

“This is sad right now, to be honest,” says Kristen of Twilight ending. “I’m about to start crying…We’ve gotten to live in this world for such a long time.” She says that it’s bittersweet, but that “bittersweet” is a word that she never wants to hear again.

A guy is thanking Taylor Lautner for inspiring him to lose 75 pounds.
Taylor says that he mostly plays sports to keep in shape and still works out, but not as much as he did when they were shooting.

Surprise guests are about to be revealed! They’re bringing out tons of actors! Just about every member of the various vampire covens. The stage is packed right now. There’s over 20 cast members and they’re still coming. Now they’re wrapping up — That’s the end of the panel!

Celebuzz Transcript:
“Our heartfelt condolences, thoughts and prayers” — Summit exec on stage and sending his well wishes to the Twilight fan that passed away Sunday

SCREAMS: Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart taking the stage

Seriously… Mackenzie Foy is the SWEETEST. Wait until you hear her speak. Kristen lights up every time!

Special message from Bill Condon (who is currently doing the score in London) just popped up on the screen

OMG they are showing the first SEVEN MINUTES of the movie. Dead Opens exactly where it left off. “You’re so beautiful” — first words from Edward to Bella Laughter around Hall H: “It’s your turn now to break me” Edward to Bella. I think this is the hottest Robert Pattinson has looked ever in Twilight. Damn. Edward and Bella are currently racing through the forrest. Kristen Stewart on all fours. She’s about to teaaaar into that animal. Poor thirsty thing! I’m sorry. Poor hiker who just tripped. Bella is coming for you! She wants human blood bad. Will Edward stop her in time?? “I’m amazed. You ran away from human blood mid hunt” Edward to Bella. They are heading back to the Cullen house, Jacob’s come out. OMG bella doesn’t know he’s imprinted! Hall H is dying. “Jake, you really do stink!” Bella to Jacob. Edward is now getting handsy with his wife. “You guys really look great together” Jacob to Edward and Bella
No!!! It’s over! The seven minutes are awesome

“I wish Bill Condon could have heard you guys” Stephenie Meyer talking first up on stage

Kristen asked about her transformation into a vampire: “It felt so good to break her in, see how fast the car goes”

Fan just screamed, “You’re beautiful” Kristen: “Thanks man!”

Kristen thinks Bella is the coolest vampire…. I agree so far!

How Rob approached the role differently part 1 to part 2: “He’s constantly been surprised by Bella in the last four movies, but he’s even more surprised now”

Taylor Lautner talking now… praising Kristen. “It was extremely impressive…she did an amazing job”

Mackenzie Foy is talking now. She is so cute!! Kristen says “she is way cooler than us”

They are showing ANOTHER clip! Even Stephenie Meyer doesn’t know what it is going to be

Kristen knows what is: “This is when Charlie is going to come over and see me for the first time”

The Cullen’s are all on screen. Helping Bella figure out her strength and how to act human
“Don’t sit so straight, humans don’t do that” Roselie to Bella

Peter Facinelli coming out now on stage

Elizabeth Reaser, Nikki Reed, Kellan Lutz (got HUGE screams), Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone all out now

What is your favorite memory from all the films: “Fan events like this” says PFach. “I feel like I should scream for you”
Elizabeth Reaser talking about her “make out sesh” with Peter in the first film
“We were kids when we started…I think it’s really cool to walk away from this. Growing with people.” – Nikki Reed
Jackson is getting some “oww owww” and cheers haha

“My view right now is absolutely phenomenal” – Jackson

First audience question: “If you were to attend comic-con for fun, which villain would you dress up as?”
“The evil queen from Snow White” is Kristen’s answer
“I want to dress up as one of you guys. Wait, you’re not villans what am I talking about.” – Rob

Next fan just asked about Midnight Sun.
Stephenie Meyer joking Rob should write it

Deleted scene that didn’t make it:
Nikki Reed to Taylor… We shot the dog bowl scene!

Question to Kristen, asked if there was a time she wished she could stay in the moment filming forever.
K’s answer: “Obviously brazil is very beautiful…my wedding was beautiful…i thought it was so cool”
“It was amazing. I loved it. I’d never been to Brazil before. The extras, everyone in the city was enthusiastic.” Rob asked about Brazil. Kristen chimed in, “he learned some Portugese”

Omg there is a little girl asking Kristen a question and she’s adorable. Kristen is loving it.
“You’re really cute, man” Kristen to the little girl

Rob asked what advice Edward would give himself from Breaking Dawn to Twilight “Keep it in your pants” everone is DYING
“Sometimes I forget an audience is at this thing,” laughing Rob says after his answer
Kristen and Rob are having a little moment laughing up there

“I loved the hunt” Kristen talking about one of her favorite scenes to film. “I love running”
“I loved the scene where I tell Kristen that I imprinted,” Taylor Lautner about his favorite scene from this movie
Mackenzie said she lost a tooth while filming. “I got big girl teeth!”

Someone just asked if they could go to any concert past or present what it would be and why
Woodstock is Rob’s answer

“This is sad right now to be honest…we got to live in this world for such a crazy long time.” Kristen on if she’s sad Twilight is over

“I want to have a bro moment with Taylor Lautner. You inspired me to lose weight” – fan named Alex who just got up

More surprise guests coming out……. It’s all the vampires! Everyone cheering for the cast. That’s it from Breaking Dawn panel! Thank you guys SO much for joining in!

Thanks to Strictly Robsten for organizing the transcripts

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