Monday, July 23, 2012

Short Video of Rob and Kristen Backstage at the TCAs

Catch up on everything about the Teen Choice Awards HERE

On Youtube or watch at the source (at 1:18)


PaoLJunaB said...

Bitch...!!! She cheated on Rob Pazz w/. Rupert Sanders (41 yrs old)that is so GROSS...!!!

cupcakebaby said...

now we know what that very serous descistion them two were having was about! reports are saying rob knew before the teen choice awards cuase they were seen fighting back stage which explains what his doing in this video. im so heartbroken over this rob has moved out and that means there over or he just needs too think away from kristen on if he should stay with her im soooo upset with kristen and i hope that ruperts wife leaves him his a grown man kristen is so young stop blaming her! he is way more too blame here people his 41 ,married,has kids ! kristen isnt any of those