Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New 'Breaking Dawn - Part2' Promo Pictures

ETA: The picture of the cover of the calendar, but just E/B - You can see more of Edward - From the Summit Booth at Comic Con - the E/B promo card thanks to Meli1518 (uncropped)
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And a better version of the Cullen's poster - the 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Comic Con Poster (Source)
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ETA: More promo pictures added
According to PyramidInternational, the calendar should be available in the US on August 15, 2012.

Promo picture cover of the 16-Month 2013 Calendar

A uncropped version

Another promo picture of the whole Cullen clan and Jacob

Two more promo pictures from the calendar

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Izzyan Izzati said...

stunning :D

twmmy said...

The Twilight calendar was the best. It's pffff. Edward is a ehhh.... I can't find words.

Anonymous said...

Eh. I'm not crazy about the calendar picture.

Iluvthemovies said...

ITA Twmmy. Some other friends and I were discussing the calendar and certain things jumped out at us:
1. Since this is regarding Renesmee and protecting her from the Volturi, why was there no photo of the family (Eward, Bella, and Renesmee).

2. Why is Jacob in the photo or at least he should be further back with Edward and Bella in the forefront, I don't know how this saga got so away from the beautiful love story especially the romance that is the main two leads. The first poster says eveything, it is the gold standard that I feel personally all posters have not lived up to.

3. The last thing is all the vamps look so pasty and why not add Volturi and some of the new vamps?

We all ageed we would not purchase this calendar, hopefully they will put another one that incorporates everyone in the last film and photographed or photoshopped better than the one shown.

Tarika said...

I completely agree with the comments above . Why is Jacob in the forefront ?????? He is no more required in the poster. Hope no more pics of Bella being in between Edward and Jacob. Hope in comic con kristen is not made to sit in between Rob and Taylor it gives a wrong message of the live triangle still existing