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Translation of Rob's Interview with One Magazine

The scans were posted here. Now the translation of Rob's interview

Unbelievable, but true! Robert Pattinson still believes that his success is nothing but luck. He’s uncomfortable with his success and he still doesn’t feel entirely confident as an actor. Robert, who’s always modest, still believes that he has to proof something. Even though his fans are enthused, Robert isn’t one of those who like to congratulate themselves…

What is Edward mood to the beginning of New Moon?
In this sequel Edward and Bella have to face the bitter truth. They have to discover how strong their love really is. When Edward leaves Bella he thinks he saves her life, but he basically destroys her meaning of life. This movie is more tragic than the first one. Edward changes throughout the film – to the beginning he truly believes that the only way to save Bella’s life is to leave her. Only the incidents which exceed by far his imagination make him realize that it is a necessity for Bella and him to be together.

Before twilight you played mainly roles in small independent movies? Why?
After Harry Potter I could have played in many teen-movies, but I didn’t have any interest in that. I prefered serious projects, like Little Ashes; I play the painter Salvador Dali in this movie. I really love this movie, even though it was quite difficult. I had to shoot a love-scene with a guy, although I barely ever kissed a woman in front of the camera. (laughs)

How do you imagine your further career when you finish the twilight saga?
My aim is to play as many different parts as possible because I don’t want to end up with vampire roles only. To play comedies isn’t really in my nature, that would be a big challenge for me. That’s why I look for roles which enhance my personal development and help me to go further my own limits. Unfortunately, people rarely offer me interesting stuff. There aren’t really many good scripts… I don’t want to be an actor just for the sake of it, because I have never really enjoyed being in the spotlight.

Is it true, that you almost gave up acting because of music?
There have been times, when I worked for only 10 days a year and I played roles that didn’t really convinced me. And I have never really understood why exactely I got rejected for projects, while I seemed to fit into other roles.
Whereas music was something I could do by myself and it seemed more logical for me to go on with this way. But as a musican I would have died of starvation most likely. (laughs)

But there is only positiv response to your songs on the twilight soundtrack…
Thank you, but I think it was wrong that I agreed with being on the OST. I have the feeling, that I utilized the situation, I didn’t deserve it. I felt like a fool. But it was a good thing for some of my musician friends I grew up with and who wrote a song for the OST as well. Because of this, they are touring across the USA in sold out places. The success of the saga did change their life und that’s fantastic for them. Twilight-fans are really loyal, maybe even fanatical and they are interested in everything that is connected to the series.

How was it to be on set with Kristen once again?
The chemistry between us is just right and to shoot with her makes it really easy for me. I was a little nervous with the thought of replaying my character, but Kristen helped me with getting into role again.

Do you see your co-stars as real friends or are you just workmates?
Definitely friends. I barely know anyone in the United States other than the twilight cast. That bonded us all together and we spent a lot of time together on set, which made the bonding even stronger. All my friends are living in England, so it’s nice to have some real friends in the USA as well.

Where are you living at the moment?
I gave up my apartment, because I was barely at home when we shot the movie. At the moment I am staying at different hotels and my entire live is stuck into three cases. (laughs) I’ll be at home with my parents on Christmas. I miss London a lot.

Why do you think do vampire movies have such a success?
I don’t know. I know, that there are fans who love vampires in due form, as in books, in tv series or in movies. But I have never been a vampire fan. To prepare myself for the role of Edward, I watched Interview with a Vampire and Blade, but vampire are different in twilight, it’s more of a metaphor. The fact, that they are vampires, is only an other way to tell the impossible love story about two creatures who aren’t allowed to be together. The movie “Rebel with a cause” inspired my a lot to play Edward. The young rebel, played by James Dean, helped me to play the character, even my hair comes from the movie. The storyline has a lot in common with the first one, there’s this young girl who turns the world of a lonely and strange boy upside down.

They say, there are some very famous women who wanted to seduce you. Tell us about it!
Well maybe, I didn’t really notice any of it. I’m still single.

What are you looking for in a woman?
She should be down-to-earth. I don’t want to date a girl, who would be crazy about my fame.

Do you have the impression, that it is harder for you to get into a relationship now that you’re famous?
Yeah, I don’t want to look paranoid, but I asked myself a lot, if some people are rather interested in my popularity than in me. It’s complicated to find new friends when you’re popular. I have learned to follow my instincts. If I am interested in somebody, I have to trust in this person and I don’t have to be scared of being betrayed or that they sell scandalous stories to the tabloids. I don’t really have something to hide, though. My life is really boring and I will never understand why the paparazzi is so obsessed with me.

It must be difficult to be surrounded by photographers all the time…
Oh yeah, especially because they want you to do something really stupid. I really tried to give them as little as possible to write about. They are tracking me all the time and still there is nothing they could write about, because I never really do anything interesting besides being on set. But because they have to have a story to sell their photos, they try to provoke me and call out on me to do this or that. They are always glad when I do something wrong, when I trip or grimace. It’s kind of crazy… I wish it would leave me cold but it burdens me.

Does the attention affect your work negatively?
Kind of, the more attention I receive, the more difficult it gets for me to act naturally in front of the camera. I know, everyone waits for me to make a mistake and people judge my work and my professional decisions very strictly. I have to take care about not to drown. The more they want me to become a star, the more I just want to back out of everything. I really have to struggle not to except myself entirely from the world.

Do you think fame could essentially change yourself?
I am truly worried about this. The first time I got conscious about the path I pursued was at the Oscars. I was sitting in the second row, while nobody even knew my name or my face just two years ago. This was the first time I asked myself what was happening with me… it was unbelievable. Since then I try to stay calm and to accept my fate. Surely I don’t want to get up one day to determine that I got a completely different person. The worst part of it is that everything happened without my help, I didn’t want it to be like that. Before twilight I didn’t believe that being famous was so hard. Now I understand, why some stars are living that seclusively and are surrounded by many bodyguards. But you can’t look at it in a negativ way only or keep on saying ‘I hate this’. There are many things in my life I don’t like, but you need to remember that I have many advantages because of it as well. I just have to learn to accept the things I cannot change, as well, like these damn paparazzi. (laughs)

Are you proud of your success?
My parents tell me I should be proud of everything I achieved, all the time. They are really proud of me. But I always tent to say that I had luck. When I auditioned for Edward’s role I guess they already have been really desperate. I was the last one to audition after hundreds of people when shooting already began. I guess I was their last choice before they almost gave up.

Do you feel like a captive of the twilight-journey?
No. Of course I am bounded to my contract and I have to end the series, but that is not a problem. The movies are shot back to back and really quickly. We will wrap up Eclipse by end of October and then there will be only one more left to shoot. I wouldn’t have been able to sacrifice ten years of my life as with the Harry Potter saga. I really admire Daniel Radcliffe for that. We worked on The Goblet of Fire for 11 months. I really don’t know how Daniel, Emma and Rupert cope with it without getting crazy. I would have gone comeletely nuts! (laughs)

Translation by tiny_pixy on Pattinsonlife

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aSoCalGal said...

There are no words to explain how much I appreciate Rob, the guy, even though I adore Rob the actor. He has obviously been raised so well, he's open, honest, deep thinking, passionate...and yes, even a little tormented by his own doubts.

I truly hope he moves forward after these crazy twilight years with less pressure but given the intensity of his spot light I don't know how that is even possible at this point. I think that's partly why I, for one, haven't gone to an event where there are so many screaming fans...I feel like he doesn't need one more scream in the crowd. He just needs a break, support, but a break. I will keep admiring him from afar and hope for his own sake that he stays as balanced and centered as he seems to be today. His parents should be so proud to have raised such an upstanding, thoughtful, grounded guy.