Friday, November 27, 2009

The funniest and most embarrassing video from Japan

odameCA just uploaded a new video from Japan.

This is probably the funniest and most awkward video ever. Secondhand embarrassment warning.

Rob is blushing during the whole video.

Watch here

Via Pattinsonlife

Gifs by Rafaboreanaz


nzkstewlover said...

I wish they wouldn't do that to Rob.
It's torture.
The Japanese freak me out.

Lovely(Ness) said...

I want a .gif of him doing the fly thing LMAOOOO!

SharonMacross said...



aSoCalGal said...

OMG, Rob and Chris, seriously, you need an award for putting up with that. Unbelievable. The stats for New Moon tickets better be through the roof in Japan to justify being put through that, lol. Poor guys, good sports!