Sunday, November 22, 2009

Anna Kendrick calls Rob a hooligan

Twilight: New Moon" actress Anna Kendrick stars in films with two of Hollywood's hottest hunks -- Robert Pattinson and George Clooney -- this year. Dream jobs, right?

She starred with Robert in "New Moon" and "Eclipse" and George in the awards-buzzed Jason Reitman dramady film, "Up in the Air."

Her friends are totally impressed but she's like, "Eh, they're OK ... They're such punks, they're like such a pair of hooligans."

Still, she really enjoyed teasing George Clooney about being "old" since he teased her on a daily basis about being short.

Anna admits that she was blown away when she saw the "New Moon" box office numbers Friday night on a friend's cell phone at a party at screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg's home.

She also chatted with Taylor Lautner, who was still in New York, giving him a verbal "High Five/Hey Dude."


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