Monday, November 30, 2009

Madrid Photocall

A lot of people were asking me where this gif came from.

It's from the Madrid Photocall. Watch Rob being adorable at 1:20


elenaticktack said...

Ohh, when they came to Madrid!

Érica Fortes said...

tropeçou? :O
igual a mim!
e eu aqui no Brasil :S

Jackie Albert said...

omg! the tripping incident was hilarious! when he's standing for the photos right afterward you seem him smirk a little at what just happened. that really cracked me up! how adorable! :)

Anonymous said...

tan adorable hasta para tropezarse!!!

LadyN said...

awwww pooor guy. LOL! I'd die of embarrassment if it was me.... and actually fall on my ass. And he did look embarrassed during the photos. :-/

I love when he opens his mouth while they snap shots. No wonder he always looks like hes talking in photos. LOL

I wuv him! >.< he makes me all fuzzy inside.

Pfft. I'm such a cougar

Annette Piper said...

Whilst I love the results of photo shoots - all those lovely pics - I can see why Kristen often looks grim, it would be very confronting to have all those flashes going off and people yelling at you to get your attention. It also explains why Taylor's pics often look similar - he doesn't change expression much. Rob does well in comparison!

Unknown said...

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