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New Rob Interview from a Greek Newspaper


Interview by Tasos Theodorakopoulos for Big Fish

How do you cope with the pressure of the hysteria that your appearance causes to young girls after the success Twilight?
The way everyone gets through when being under pressure: I focus on my friends. Look, I shouldn't be ungrateful, besides the stress it's fun to get all this recognition. It's just that some things change in your life. I can't walk down the street alone, as i used to do and there are moments that in this recognition i feel extremely vulnerable.I try to keep my mind,to distinguish the jobs offered that will help me succeed and stay calm with madness and speed that all this is happening.

They've been so many vampire movies...i believe after your trilogy the amount will increase.Do you feel there's something special you've added through your performance to the cinema persona of the "immortals"?
The idea was to bring back for the cinema and the new generation the vampire legend. So, I tried something, that was to play the vampire without following a specific road on how such a role should be played, but focusing on the after adolescent loneliness of a special character.

Well, in the book Edward's presence is relatively smaller that in the movie...
In the book Bella hears Edward's voice in her mind. In the movie we gave this voice the figure of a vision.And we added a battle scene at the end,which i really enjoyed 'cause i look amazing as a fighter(laughs..).

Have you ever felt that in the center of the Twilight success hides a well concealed conservatism about the sexual relationship of Bella and Edward?
Everyone could translate the story as they wish. Personally, I feel that this sexual abstinence works in the complete opposite way. It creates a sexual tension that makes fans scream: they have to have sex, they have to have sex.

Would you appear naked like Daniel Radcliffe did in a movie or a play?
The question is no longer if i "would" cause Little Ashes already contains such scenes .

Got me! I would ask that. from a sexually conservative vampire to Salvador Dali and whatever this must have been a long run.
Salvador Dali between Lorca and Buñuel to make it harder!plus nude scenes...

How did you feel through this distance?
At the beginning i totally freaked out. The truth is that the Spanish have a completely different opinion about nudity than English ones. I think of different answers i could give like l a had my reproductive organs expanded(giggles).The truth is I did not really know what I freaked out a bit.

At the age of 23 with all this fuss around your name,I believe it is totally normal to freak out about almost everything.
I freak out mostly by all the gossip and rumors I read on the net.You can not even imagine.Someone wrote that during the filming of "New Moon" I didn't smell nice cause I didn't shower.

I am not sure what you did back there but I am sure that today you got the time to take a shower as you seem and smell great.
(Giggles)The funny think is that filming had not even begun when this thing started circulating the net.

You portrayed Dali and Kristen will play Joan Jett.Did both your involvement in a science fiction romance influenced you in choosing roles of real people to continue on with your career?
The is this procedure in acting that is really interesting when portraying a non fiction character. You study pictures, focus on the body language. I remember a picture of Salvatore Dali pointing at something, I spent hours trying to figure out what he was pointing at and why was he doing it that way.

Is there another famous personality you would want to play?
Van Morrison,but I do not think they would ever give me the part.

Have you ever got to the point to compare your passion for cinema with your other great passion for music?
No. For starters I can not live without music, furthermore I always said that even though acting is one of my biggest passions, plan number 2 for me was to become famous via music.When I was younger I wanted to become a politician but I think it is too late now for me.

Now that you are famous does it bother you that girls might want to be with you just because of fame?
If they are pretty it doesn't matter(giggles)Even thought I am completely sure that anyone who talks to me for 5-10 min stops having any interest in me. Anyway now I do not have a girlfriend and I can not figure out why?Are you not supposed to be luckier in this field when you are famous?

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