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Rob in Panorama Magazine - Scans and Translation


“I’m literally felt into my film career”. Robert Psttinson, actor of the Twilight Saga, is made object of a general frenzy without precedents. Kid oppressed by his sister ( “she dressed me as a girl and called me Claudia”), actor thanks to his father that “wanted to wake me up from my shyness”, today he earns 10 millions $ for movie, he is compared to Marlon Brando and he has two dreams: to record a disc and do not remain a vampire forever.
By Marco Giovannini - Los Angeles

Your character, vampire Edward Cullen, is 109 years old. You just has your 23rd birthday. What do you want to do in the next 86 years?

Robert Pattinson makes a good laugh, and this is a scoop, because in the first two movies of the Twilight Saga, gorgeous, pale and tortured, he practically never laughs.
“I know what I’ll do in the next two years, more or less, because I signed some contracts, but I’m not used to plan anything. I reason with my balls ( in England we call it instinct, in a poetic way), not with my brain. I’m slave of my subconscious”.
He is dressed with his usual dress: ripped jeans, black fade t-shirt under a checked flannel shirt. On his foot, All Star, even them black. A style so casual that it gains a label: “homeless chic”.
“Perfect definition. Not for the chic, but for the homeless. I’m wandering through New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver, London, from one year and a half. If you have many houses ( or hotels), it is like you haven’t anyone. All I need is in three cases. Always ready”.
Up till one year ago, only some Harry Potter’s fans knew who was the English actor Robert pattinson ( he was Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix). Today, instead, he is the protagonist of a new mass love at first sight, chosen for Twilight through 5000 candidates ( for his last screen test, he confessed to have “drug” himself with half pill of Valium).
He earns 10 millions $ for each movie, and, if he will accept a TV spin off of Twilight, he will gain 1 million and a half $ for each episode.
New Moon, the second installment of the Twilight Saga, written by Stephenie Meyer, earned 141 millions $ in the first American week of programming. And also in Italy, where the movie came out in 750 movie theaters, it smashed every records. Now the 70 millions readers of the books, ( translated in 45 languages) are already counting how long before the third episode will come out (Eclipse, already filmed), and then before the fourth ( Breaking Dawn, that it should begin in late 2010).
Pattinson is shy and kind: he apologizes every time he lights a cigarette, and he does it often. He said that he doesn’t love interviews, but he granted this one exclusively to Panorama, trying to explain the adoration that hit him, and that surprises even him.
They, the adoring fans, call them “obsessed” ( obsessed by Rob) and they are waiting for him in official appearances for hours, with signs or words on their clothes, inviting him to bite them.

What do you think of this huge popularity?

It was like being famous in an instant. But I try to be zen: I don’t want to wake up one morning and realize that I have turned into someone really different from who I was.

Your fans treat you like a rockstar.

I will never say a bad word against them, I’m not ungrateful. They push me to give the best. I don’t want to disappoint them. And I envy them a little: I haven’ t had real idols, and I would have liked to experiment the adrenaline rush that comes from a sighed meeting. Because what counts is being together as equals, not the object of your screaming…

What do you think they discovered in you?

It’s not me. It’s Edward, the vampire: a shady character, romantic, dangerous, vulnerable, elusive, everyone can convey on him whatever they believe.

English edition of GQ Style asked if you are the new Marlon Brando

I wish! But how can I compare myself to Brando?

They pulled out other names of rebels: James Dean, Montgomery Clift….
Too much. They are of course the actors I studied, I analyzed their movies. Dean is nearer to me for his age, but Brando is the Actor with the A. I just bought his novel, Fan-Tan, I didn’t know that he wrote one. Brando, Dean, Clift had one common characteristic: they took all things seriously. Well, we can tell that I have done nothing to be compared to them, except for putting all myself in every movie I made. And I’m speaking abut the intention, not the result.

At Larry Edmund Bookstore, an historic Hollywood library, there are already seven biographies about you.

I try to not read anything about me, even in the internet, but I can’t resist in the end: evident case of masochistic narcissism. Even my mother told me about a blog that called me “repellant”. It was before Stephenie Meyer defended me as a choice, and shut up all the anticipated critics. At 23 my biography could last two lines: he went to school, and he made Twilight. What else?

How should describe your career?

I fell into it. Frankly, I thought to dedicate myself to the music, but you can’t survive with it. Acting was a way to make money (thanks to Harry Potter I was able to go to live by myself), until some small parts in movies that not so many people have seen, made me realize that I really like acting. I specialized myself in strange characters, different from me, extreme. Like Salvador Dalì, in Little Ashes, where it is narrated his love for poet Federico Garcia Lorca, under the eys of director Luis Bunuel. I already performed a gay sex scene in a movie. But never one with a woman…..

Aren’t these risky choices?

I consider myself boring and I search a more interesting life. My characters add salt to my life. I can feel deeper feeling by acting. If I have to be sad, now I really feel the sadness. I didn’t believe to my reactions, before, because they are too superficial.

Your dream?

It’s still to make an album. But I need a lot of concentration, because music can’t be a hobby. It’s the thing that make you more naked, more than acting. You can’t blame anyone if you make it bad, you can’t blame any screen writer, or director. There you are, with your soul.

A musical seems a good compromise

I’m ok as a singer, especially by night, after the third whiskey. But I’m terrible as a dancer.

Have you ever had acting lessons?

No, except at Barnes Theatre Club. My father convinced me to join it: he noticed that the cutest girls went there. That was a way to wake up : I was really shy and until 12 I was in classes with males only. And you have to consider that when I was a child, my terrible elder sister dressed me like a girl and called me Claudia….

What are you doing when you are not acting?

Is there some time when I don’t act? I usually wrote, before. A novel, a black comedy, that I began at the age of 17. But I didn’t touch it from a long time. Then there was also the screen play of a sci fi novel, but I interrupted that as well.If I will continue this chaotic life, I don’t think to finish anything before ten years.

next movie?

Between New Moon and Eclipse, I filmed Remember Me, a dramatic romantic movie. In February I will begin in Budapest Bel Ami, with Uma Thurman and Kristen Scott Thomas. And next summer the western Unbound Captives in New Mexico, with Hugh Jackman. My character was kidnapped by comanches, and doesn’t speak a word of English. They are different movies, I don’t want to be a vampire for the rest of my life.

Is it true that you were forced to work out, and put on some muscles?

Yes, I’m no good at sport. At Harry Potter screen test I lied, and said I played football and snowboard. In reality, as a good Englishman, I can’t do nothing more than billiards and darts. Before shooting New Moon, I discovered boxing. It improved my posture and attitude.

What is the last gift you made to yourself?

In Vancouver I bought a vintage electric guitar of 1951.

Scans and Translation by Mayfrayn

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