Monday, November 23, 2009

Rob discusses Eclipse

Even thought Twilight: New Moon has only just arrived in cinemas around the world, the third film in the cinematic saga, Eclipse, has already finished its shoot. Under the stewardship of 30 Days Of Night director David Slade, cameras were packed up a few weeks ago, and the film is already in post-production.

And, if you believe the bits and pieces coming out about the film, it's set to be just a little bit different from New Moon. After all, star Robert Pattinson has been reportedly suggesting that the film might actually push towards an R rating, as opposed to the PG-13 of New Moon.

We don't actually believe that's going to be the case, though, as Summit Entertainment will have a firm eye on the potential box office returns for the film, and if it puts a PG-13-rated cut of the film out in cinemas, then that's simply going to make more money. Considering, too, the large number of teenage girls who have been flocking to the movies over the past weekend, it's going to be keen not to cut off one of its core audience segments.

However, dig into what Pattinson actually said, and it's clear it was just speculation on his work. He was talking to SiTV when he made his comments, saying that "I don't know what rating Twilight was in England, like the American PG-13 or 18. I think it's pushing it to the absolute limit. It would be so funny if it was R-rated."

He did also note, though, that "It's a massively different movie to New Moon. There's so many more main parts, and having these huge battle sequences, I've never done anything like it in any of the other movies." Contrasting with that, Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob Black, has spoken to MTV News about the greater amount of comedy in Eclipse.

Elsewhere, a photo of Twilight: Eclipse has also been released, but given that it features Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart looking at each other, it could have arguably come from any of the movies or promotional shoots that the pair have done together over the last couple of years.

The film is due out on June 30, 2010. If it's R rated, we will all get Twilight tattoos done.

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