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Rob's Interview with 15 a 20

It’s almost 4:00 O’clock in the afternoon, and we’re in Cannes, France, one of the most important Film Festivals in the world, to which stars like Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Salma Hayek often attend… now also our dear Robert Pattinson. When he arrives for our interview he’s very kind and smiley, though a little nervous due to the fans who pass by to watch, or who have approached him. This guy really has his feet on the ground, and the compliments from so many gils haven’t changed the way he is. Good for him!

About his ghostly return…

Now that we’re settled, we start to chat, and the obvious question is: What will we see in New Moon?, considering Edward is not very much in it.
“I think you will be surprised. This movie is very different from Twilight. Visually, it’s very different: the first movie looked and felt like and indie movie, it had a low budget. New Moon is something larger, more polished, with a visual style that resembles oil paintings, and it’s very cool. You can definitely feel the masculine energy. There’s more special effects and action too.

He shares about his return to the saga: “I think I’m doing way better than I did in the first movie” (he laughs. He laughs a lot, actually) “I think, playing Edward gave me the opportunity to get better at my own work. Plus, the dramatic arch of the character gets more complicated. In the first movie he talks a lot about doing the right thing for Bella, but it’s now when he makes a drastic decision. He knows he’s making a big mistake, and he tries to make it up for it. Internally, he’s a very interesting character.”

As the interview gets a more serious tone, the giggles and laugh appear again as soon as we ask him if this movie is more about Jacob Black and the wolfpack. Jacob is the hero now: “Let’s say he is. That’s the way it was written in Stephenie’s novels”. And you’re not jealous? “No” he answers and starts cracking up, “the truth is, no; in fact I like that I’m a supporting role. When you don’t have the responsability of carrying the whole movie by yourself, the pressure is less, and that’s a relief. When we did Twilight I was very stressed out and nervous; now I finally enjoyed the filming of the movie and that was a great pleasure, because it was a stress-free environment. I could take a few days off and have a vacation, for instance, when we went to Italy.”

He believes his popularity will pass.

Without a doubt, life has changed too much for Rob since he took the role of Edward Cullen. The first time our magazine spoke with him he already had a lot of fans, and when he came to Mexico it was a total mad house, remember? Now that he’s a world star he lost his privacy. Has it been hard adapting to this new life? “I don’t know! I honestly don’t know!” he answers with absolute honesty “it’s about taking things as they come. There’s no point in struggling against everything that’s happening because it will still happen anyway. Even 3 months ago I still got a little paranoid with all the attention, but I’m more relaxed and peaceful now: it’s alright. I try to work as much as I can and trying to focus on the good things that have come out of this situation.
Having to deal with everyone wanting to approach you everywhere can be very irritating. They talk to you like they know you, many of them demand your attention, and if you don’t pay attention to them, they won’t leave you alone. But it’s a change in my life that I have to adapt to” he resigns himself, “that’s life, a series of ups and downs. I think one day they will stop paying attention to me, and I hope that happens”. Don’t count on that, Rob, sorry! (magazine’s words, not mine lol).

So you never wanted to have this many fans screaming for you? We ask curiously, as he laughs, embarrassed: “No, definitely not. I always wanted to be an actor and have some sort of recognition, but not a fame like this, I swear! I think all of this has got more to do with the Twilight saga than with me. Having fans screaming when they see me feels almost like a joke. It’ll pass, because these things are over sooner or later. The day will come when nobody is going to scream at the sight of me.”

A very busy vampire

“Before filming Twilight, I had already signed on for two movies that are yet to be filmed. Since the release of Twilight I’ve received many scripts, but I haven’t liked any of them as much as I liked the first scripts I accepted; plus, with the Twilight saga I’m committed for two years more.”

And Kristen?

Bringing up the topic of Kristen is not easy; in fact, we’re hoping we won’t get kicked out of the interview. Fortunately our question is done without further problems… It’s still gets Rob in trouble, who stutters. Oops! We made him nervous!
“Uh…well… she has gone exactly through the same thing I went through, so she understands me. Since the beginning we’ve been very good friends, and she’s an extraordinary person and the best actress I know, so I’ve always had a very special connection to her” he says.
Whether or not they’re dating, only they know. Time will tell.

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