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Rob talks to Cine Premiere - New Interview

Robert Pattinson - The most desired vampire in the world.

Has the character changed for you? And how so?
I’m very surprised at how relaxed I am with everything. I was very nervous before, especially with all the expectations. But since Twilight did well, I think I’m less nervous now.

What can you tell us about Edward in this sequel?
He feels like he’s lost everything since James, Victoria and Laurent appeared in his life. For him, everything spiraled out of control for him, and he’s struggling to stay afloat by pretending that everything is fine. So that’s why everything happens faster this time; he’s been considering it for a while.

And he thinks he’s doomed anyway, right?
Yes, actually from the first movie he feels that way. And in this movie he thinks he’s doing the right thing, even if later he realizes he made a mistake.

Edward is a little mean in this movie, isn’t he?
I don’t think he’s mean in this one. I think he’s mean in the next movie (laughs). He’s just lost and he takes the typical male attitude of finding a person he loves and throwing away everything because of his self-doubts. And then he realizes, after he messed up, that you only have few chances. And that’s the good thing about Bella.

She keeps giving him those chances.
Yes, but for her is not even about giving him another chance. She just knows more about the relationship than him, and he just blames himself for everything.

Have you ever been that way?
I’m always that way! In every relationship I’ve been this way, it’s ridiculous.

Do you dump them?
No, they actually dump me (laughs).

Building a Saga

Your return in the movie is very important. Are you nervous about that?
Definitely. What I was worried about was that the absence was not really going to be an absence. I didn’t want to be there at all, like in the book. I just wanted there to be a voice. I think that could’ve given more strength and power to my return. But they decided to have visions, not just my voice. She sees me. Amd that’s hard because you need the least ammount of acting, without being dead. You’re someone else’s creation on their mind. Amd I didn’t want to saturate the movie with my presence.

Was it hard changing directors?
A little bit, yes. Catherine has a very specific style, and a very defined and unique atmosphere; and in this one, the mood is extremely different. But Chris is great, and this movie will be very different. Catherine has a point of view about the world, that is completely stripped away from any cynicism. And Chris can be more cynical, and see verything from a darker point of view. This is a much darker movie.

How well do you get along with Taylor? Do you feel threatned by his presence or his muscles?
Yes, I do feel a little bit threatned (laughs). His hand shake is very strong, so yes, he’s an intimidating person.

How much did you work with special effects?
I did some scenes on green screen, mostly for my “apparitions”. What I like is that Chris is doing very subtle apparitions, you barely notice them.

What scene were you looking forward the most to shoot?
There’s a couple of dream sequences that people will not expect. They’re weird. Bella has horrible nightmares in the book, so we thought about the most disturbing and scary way to play them on film. I’m not really Edward in those scenes, I’m a version of her insecurities.

Were you worried about committing to a sequel that could’ve compromised you and make you pass on other opportunities that maybe you might not be motivated to do in a few years?
A little bit, but the truth is that it’s very rewarding to do something that people care about so much. Because you even work harder than usual. And even if they don’t like the result at times, they cared enough to worry about the outcome.

Were you excited about filming in Italy with the rest of the cast?
Yes, a lot, I think Michael Sheen as Aro is brilliant. I was reading a scene where I’m supposed to get my butt kicked, and by a little girl, no less, and I thought it was wonderful. I don’t normally care for that kind of stuff, but in this movie I think it will look great. And Chris and I found a way to writhe in pain on screen, without having to twitch all over the floor, and that was very unpleasant.

And how was the set?
It’s visually strong, very strong. And it’s so cool. It’s Saint Marcus day, so everybody is wearing red cloaks, and it looks amazing.

The Twilight Effect

What has happened to you with all the massive phenomenon?
It’s weird. I was having dinner the other day and there was a magazine with me on the cover. And it was like being on the eye of the storm: you really don’t realize what’s going on. And seeing those covers and realizing that it’s you people are talking about, saying “Robert and Kristen, this and that”, it’s so bizarre.

Why do you think there’s such a level of adoration for this character?
I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. When I read the book I try to look for something that can help me relate to him, I don’t look for reasons why girls love him so much.

Could it be because he’s dangerous?
I think it’s because he’s willing to leave everything for her; there’s the appeal.

Do you still have a band?
I don’t have time for a band at the moment. But I love knowing that my friends in London, the ones that wrote the sons in Twilight with me, are getting record contracts because of their association with me and Twilight. Originally I played at a pub with three people, now they’re selling out venues for 500 perople.

How is acting any different from making/performing music?
Music puts you in a more vulnerable position, because you’re onstage and get an immediate reaction. But in many ways your more free because you’re not playing a part.

Is it weird to be known for your name now?
It is. It’s funny, I talked to Will Smith before presenting at the Oscars, and I asked him what to o onstage, and he said “Don’t try to do anything funny, just read the words. You can be funny when it’s your 4th time presenting”.

Would you like to become immortal?
I don’t know. If I had a reason to live forever I would.

Are Mexican fans crazy?
Yes, those three days in Mexico were very intense (laughs).

Source and Translation: Twilight Poison


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