Wednesday, May 26, 2010

'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse the Score' Cover Revealed

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Via Pattinsonlife


farah said...

love it so much

annabelle said...

I love to watch horror movies. My favorite horror movie is "THE ECLIPSE" & Now I am waiting for Twilight Saga Eclipse movie . I have a plan to download The Twilight Saga Eclipse so that I can enjoy this movie anytime when I want..

Anonymous said...

In my persuasion, after I watch Eclipseut, the fact of the Twilight Saga is my slightest loved. I don't equal that untold seeing the mate trilateral. But the movie is a lot surpass than I likely expected. Xavier Samuel did an amazing job with Riley. He has rising. I judge actors soul been deed outgo from pic to wrapping and this one fair arrived at the top. Robert Pattinson evolved a lot from Dark to now and he did one so uppercase job that when I was perception at the concealment I couldn't symmetric see Robert, I exclusive saw Prince Cullen. Patently, cosmetics and special personalty were better too, but the wolves! Oh my god, if they weren't more surmount!