Monday, May 24, 2010

95 New/Old Fan Pictures With Robert Pattinson

Some of these pictures where already posted. I cant remember which ones, so I'm just posting the whole batch

Source: Bella Masen & SBells via the lovely ljmd @ Pattinsonlife

IMPORTANT NOTE:I know a lot of you are probably the real source of these pictures, but those two fans collected them and I don't have the info to credit each picture. If one of your pictures is here, let me know and I'll add the source. If you want your picture removed it, just leave a comment or email. :)

ETA: Some pictures from lacesy | am13er | greenleafgirl | quartzlyn | kelly


Ursula said...

<3 <3 <3 :)

Unknown said...

17 of those pics are mine. I don't mind them being posted here. It brings back great memories! I got a handshake, spoken to by Rob and my own personal smirk, lip bite, and "O face" pictures. *sigh*
Phyllis AKA @greenleafgirl

Mandy said...

Thank you Phyllis. I added you to the source :)

behnaz said...

very very very niceeeeeeeeeeeee

twilightnan said...

Wow! thank you so much for these wonderful photos of Rob,it's a real treat for rob's fans..I ,personally like the ones taken during the NM premiere night in LA he looks very handsome and happy another fav is the one taken at the mtv awards with Kristen ,everyone looking at stage and it seems Rob and Kristen had only eyes for each other!!..ahhhhh....wonderful to be young and in love!!

Kelly said...

:) The big picture from Regis& Kelly .. that is a picture of him talking to me.. but someone cut me out of it :( If you haven't already... you can see all the originals over at my blog :)

Thanks for posting, seeing it made me smile and remember what a GREAT day it was!

Kelly said...

You can read about it here if you like

You don't have to source me.. I don't mind at all.. I love seeing all the fan pics of him because those are the special times for the fans!

Kelly said...

By the way.. there is a really sweet video made from Fan pics...
I love it and it goes with this post :)

meleny said...

I love all the pics, thanks for post it.

Mandy said...

Thank you Kelly. I added you

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