Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rob on Ellen - Inside details + screencaps

Everyone’s favorite vampire, Robert Pattinson, returned to “Ellen” this afternoon to tape an appearance that will air tomorrow.

Gossip Cop has learned some of the visit’s highlights from a source in the studio:

*** An audience member was blindfolded and instructed to “feel up” three guys to guess which one was Pattinson. She got it wrong.

*** Pattinson told the host he begins shooting Water for Elephants with Reese Witherspoon on Thursday.

*** He jokingly told DeGeneres he got a haircut because he had “nits.” She told him that Americans call them “lice.”

*** Also in jest: Pattinson said People magazine got it wrong — he’s more beautiful than Julia Roberts.

*** Will Smith gave Pattinson advice about presenting at the Oscars: “Don’t try and be funny.” Wait until you’ve done it 6 times.


Some tweets

@m_carina: No kristen questions were asked.he did say he got headlice thats why he cut his hair but he was just kidding

@m_carina: girl got to play a game to see if she could recognize him JUST by touching him, she got it wrong lol

@m_carina Eclipse clip was just angry edward shown on oprah...which lead him to try and explain what eclipse was about...it was cute

@m_carina For a few seconds he had no clue what he was talking about lol

@letter2twilight: Robs hair: looks great. Combed fwd & up. I just wanted 2 touch the shaved back part. Per usual he glowed like other times I've seen him

@letter2twilight: Rob got felt up by an Aussie flight attendent who was part of a game. She had to feel up 3 guys blindfolded & guess which was was rob.

@letter2twilight: The crazy girl got it wrong and guessed the wrong guy!! She felt up rob & guessed the wrong dude! She still got Tix 2 eclipse premierie.

@m_carina: But seriously Rob's hair! Omfg wow soo HOT just sex hair lol

@m_carina: ellen did talk to rob about dancing for the audience, it didnt happen lol OH and Rob did ballet till the age of 10 I did not know that

@letter2twilight: Probs my fave tidbit of info was rob telling us he took ballet till be was 10. Then he realized he was a boy.

@m_carina: The girl could touch ANY part of rob's body except ther face, she failed she only went for the pecks lol, I wouldve gone for the butt

@m_carina: Rob on ballet: didnt like the fact he was the only guy doing it wearing a black leatard lol

@letter2twilight: Rob asked about what happens in eclipse. He doesn't know anymore. There's so much going on.

@letter2twilight: He was asked about water 4 elephants. He starting shooting in la on Thursday. He couldn't remember what day it was.

@m_carina: Oh there is NO CHANCE rob was kidding about ballet...he got scared because he thought ellen had a video of him dancing or a picture lol

@letter2twilight: Rules of the game she wasn't allowed to feel their face or hair & they wore robs. So rob & two young pa types wore hugh hefner robs.

@letter2twilight: I give her mad credit she felt them up and down several times. Rob started laughing. THAT should have given him away!

@letter2twilight: They showed the eclipse clip of ed & Jacob. Rob watched and smiled thru it.

@letter2twilight: Ellen asked why he didnt win 50 most beautiful people. He didnt know y. He thought he was holding his own. What's Julia robs done after all?

@m_carina: Yeah they put rob in an pale golden robe(for the game) lol he still looked hot

@letter2twilight: Ellen asked him about dancing & he got nervous he thought she had a video of him dancing even thou he didn't know where shed get one.

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Last 3 screencaps via unpetitpeuK, alison4828 and AdoringRobsten


Iluvthemovies said...

Just by the screencaps you can tell he is sporting his new haircut. He also looks like he is wearing a suit. Although it is hard to really see him, he is stunning from afar. Gorgeous

Unknown said...

Ooh, that last one! I hope Ellen got him to play one of her crazy games!

Unknown said...

So when will it be on tv? Anyone know?

Unknown said...

5/19/10 AT 3:00PM IN LAS VEGAS

meleny said...

I'm so happy to see him, his new hair cut looks very Hot, thanks for the info, I'm not gonna miss him tomorrow :D

Anonymous said...

mate id break all the rules and go for his sexy ass.....
id worry about the consenquence later....oh f#$%

OCD56 said...

I love Rob's humor. I would have known it was Rob when I heard him laugh. I love it when he laughs.

Letters to Twilight said...

you can catch the rest of my recap on letterstorob.com


behnaz said...