Tuesday, May 18, 2010

First Official Still of Rob on Ellen

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Is Robert Pattinson shy? The 'Twilight' star offers fans everywhere a glimpse into his mind on Wednesday's "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

On the program, Ellen comments that Rob seems more at ease acting than chatting on a talk show, and she says she thinks he might be shy.

"I just like doing things where you have a little time to think about what you're saying," Rob replies. "I've always had a problem actually thinking before I open my mouth."

"Being spontaneous?" Ellen asks.

"Yeah, being spontaneous or just thinking. I have a problem with thinking… Thinking in real time," he explains.

Catch Rob thinking about romancing Kristen Stewart's gorgeous Bella in 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,' in theaters June 30.

Closer look on the haircut via JustJaredJr | HQ picture via JustJared

ET via KstewRobFans


call_it_golden said...

Lol they have the same hair now

Unknown said...

So was he still playing with his hair even though it's no longer there LOL?

Ursula said...

OMG! triple swoon!

I bet he still runs his fingers through his hair, even though he ain't got none anymore (well almost none) :)

chet said...

i like his hair!!!! so hot!!

meleny said...

OMG! I really love his hair! HOT!!!
Thanks for the pics.

OCD56 said...

I hope that Rob doesn't change. I love the way he says whatever comes into his mind. I love his humor. That is why I always love to watch his interviews. Of course, he is easy on the eyes. I like his hair when it was longer, but he looks great with it cut.

reshma said...

hair... no hair he is just too hot

Anonymous said...

rob is so beautiful thats all i got to say

behnaz said...

rob is best