Friday, May 28, 2010

Elizabeth Reaser Talks About Rob and Training

"Eclipse" is certainly going to have some high-octane action scenes in it, which means that the entire cast had to train in order to get their bad-ass on for the flick. While Taylor Lautner had been hitting the gym for quite some time in order to play hunky werewolf Jacob Black, the rest of the cast hadn't necessarily had that type of physical commitments to make to the "Twilight" franchise until the third film.

Elizabeth Reaser admits everyone had a hard time keeping up Taylor — including Robert Pattinson, who, we have to admit, doesn’t really seem like the type of guy who regularly makes it a point to pump iron.

"Well Taylor, he's the most fit person I have ever seen in my entire life," Elizabeth recently dished to MTV News. "Taylor doesn't even have to train. He can stand here and do a back flip for no reason using five percent of his energy he's so fit."

So, how did Rob keep up? Is he secretly some sort of gym fanatic? "I don’t think so!" she laughed. "I was impressed with Rob though. This stuff is really hard to do and we trained for hours and hours and hours and he worked really hard. And he's a great actor, so he really committed to what he was doing and it looked great from what I saw."

MTV via Twilightish


twilightnan said...

Well Taylor, really had no choice but to hit the gym!and transform himself physically into what he looks now..a hunk with fantastic A+ abs as oprah commented in her show ..otherwise ,we would have been looking at a different Jacob now..I wonder how it would have turned out?? Rob on the other hand was irreplaceable as Edward ,he was the 'THE star' and main reason 'twilight' was a global hit! for what I've seen Rob looks fantastic in all the eclipse previews..I don't think I would like him as bulky as jacob..he is perfect and gorgeous as he is now!! Way to go Team Robert Pattinson!!

♪♫ Yaelfica ♪♫ said...

she is a proud mom! lol