Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ed Westwick talks about "Robert Pattinson hysteria" with NOW Magazine (UK)

Robert Pattinson hysteria is crazy. Would you want that level of fame?

– “I’ve already experienced girls screaming my name, so I wouldn’t say it’s too alien, but I think Rob’s in a very difficult situation. He’s a friend and he’s a good guy. I know him, so I know for a fact that he wants to be known for his work.”

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maaahtwi4ever said...

they are really friends, i already saw 3 pics with them together. and yeah i totally agree Rob is not a famewhore.

Barbara Fenwick said...

I agree. I think Rob hates all the attention he gets, he just wants to do good work and be known for that. (Who else does that sound like?)