Saturday, May 22, 2010

HQ Pics of Rob as Jacob on the set of Water For Elephants - May 20

ETA: Updated with HQ and untagged thanks to Mayfrayn at Pattinsonlife



Without Popsugar's tag, but not HQ, just bigger



twilightnan said...

Oh Robert..Robert..our Kristen is a very lucky lady !!!you are sooo..handsome!!!I cannot wait for the two of you to..'to tie the knot together'...hopefully soon!!!this film is going to be awesome ! beacause of you...your gorgeous face+beautiful eyes+ braces/suspender+Rosie +Circus ..this wfe film will be great!!! is it 2011 yet??..

Nickie said...

He looks, hair, clothes...looks like a farmer and in my book thats sexy...can't wait for Eclipse...I think I'm most excited about the big fight then just seeing Robert as Edward. lol