Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Old/New Pictures From Montepulciano

Only the first is new to me, but I'm going to repost everything cause Rob looked GOOD with that white shirt

Source via lion_lamb


twilightnan said...

Rob looks heavenly in the white shirt..he always looks so fabulous on interviews ,like when he talks about the shoots in Italy on NM dvd special features!...I love this site..this is definitely the best!!!

Cyndi said...

I agree, this is the best site. Always first with the news, straight to the point and not alot of extra garbage.

Regarding Rob, he looks so good without even trying. That is why when he does put extra effort into how he looks we not just swoon, but faint! Ahhhhhh, sexy even on the down time.

papagáj said...

MandyI love Your blog too!!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for source ^^