Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rob and Emilie talk about 'Remember Me' to ET

'The Twilight Saga' star Robert Pattinson gets romantic in his new movie 'Remember Me,' and he's talking to ET about his first impression of sexy co-star Emilie De Ravin!

"I was shooting the end of one of the 'Twilight' movies, 'New Moon,' in Italy and we were going through casting for ['Remember Me']," he explains. "The director said, 'I think I found this girl I think you'll find quite interesting,' and sent me this e-mail with her audition tape.

"My Internet connection was so slow that I could only get the beginning, which was her messing up for about 35 seconds," continues Robert. "She was really funny, you know, messing up and kind of quite charismatic -- but I didn't know that she was messing up at the time, I thought she was actually doing the scene and kind of just improvising with it and just making it up."

In theaters March 12, 'Remember Me' follows Robert as he struggles to win the attention and respect of his father (played by Pierce Brosnan) and falls headlong into a romantic affair with an extraordinary, eccentric girl, played by Emilie.

Tune into ET Wednesday night for a first-look clip from the movie!

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