Sunday, September 6, 2009

A fan met Rob last night

@Frenchie_Vanc met Rob last night in Vancouver. He was having dinner with Kristen, Bryce, Nikki and Elizabeth. According to her, Rob is adorable :) Nothing new there.

She was kind enough to share her picture.

Her experience

As you almost all know, since Friday night, I'm in Vancouver.

Saturday night, after i went eat with Ficsmaniak, we are going back to my hotel for go in the bed, we are really tired.

On our way, I see a beautiful red hair girl. Then I say to myself i know her... So i stop and I look at her really carefully, her and the man who was with her.

My brain was so slow because of the tiredness that I’m looking to Ficsmaniak for get her confirmation.

Yeah, it was really Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel.

Xavier found our reaction so funny; he also said it to us. They accepted really easily to take pictures with us, even if they preferred to be unnoticed.

Ficsmaniak explains them that I had 9 hour of difference with here to adapt myself.

They really were impress.

After we take our pictures one after the other, we go back on the way to the hotel, always for go to sleep.

But we saw Elizabeth Reaser and Nikki Reed, they walked fast, and I did not have any more batteries for my camera.

We decide to run to the hotel for get some and get pictures with the two girls.

When we come back, I only see Xavier. But then Ficsmaniak whispers to me "Look, it's Robert."

We get closer slowly and quietly then Ficsmaniak ask him if we can take a picture with him. Rob accept, he answered us, laughing, because once again, he has been noticed, when he was almost in.

Kristen was also there, but she really not wanted to be bothered. So we respect her choice. As a few asked me, Kristen still have black hair and her mullet cut.

So we wait, without big hope, even with Rob's answer, because others fans saw him and strafe him with their cameras.

Kristen and Xavier get in quickly, and Rob leans toward me, taking me by the shoulder and then I put my arm around his waist :p, Ficsmaniak ready since a few seconds, rake the picture. He look at her and says sorry that he could not take a picture with her too, she answers him no problem, then he goes in.

While we were taking the picture, I talk with Rob, I told him that I was from France only for see him, it's impressed him, and he was always smiling with me and really sweet. I was already fan of Rob, but meet him just make me love him even more. and Source


Anonymous said...

aww :] very lucky!!

Bellanieve said...

Nice Picture of them...Yes, Lucky Girl :))

Anonymous said...

Rob dines with 4 ladies....he's too much!

Unknown said...

wow lucky lady! wish that was me..

Unknown said...

Yes, Lucky. I wonder how they decide she's OK and he takes a pic with her. There must have been there a few people, right?

aSoCalGal said...

This fans writing is adorable. I love her accent. Too cute.

♪♫ Yaelfica ♪♫ said...

i so envy herrrrr....why do i live sooooo in the freakin end of the world??? jesus!! glad hes still letting fans take his picture coz it must be a dragg for him at this point...great pic

Unknown said...

Oh my god.she's one lucky lady.xx:)Babs