Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New/old HQ untagged pictures from the Twilight Press Conference

Rob just looked adorable at last year's Twilight Press Conference. Some of these are new, others are just too good not to post

Source: Twilighxchange - Great Community for HQ Twilight Pictures
Thank you, Linda


Lynnes_Twilight World said...

I am stunned by the view that with the purchase of a movie ticket, fans and anyone else believe they have absolute right to actor’s personal, physical, and spiritual lives.Yes, actors get paid lots of money to perform in these movies but all YOU buy is the right to view the movie, nothing else, and for the price of a movie ticket that’s all you should be entitled to.Look I am one of those totally obsessed fans of Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and the whole Twilight phenomena but I would never invade their personal space. I don’t know if they are an item or not – that’s their business not ours. I do read everything I can about them, I do promote the movie on my websites I do attend every pr event or meeting I can, because that is when the actors are promoting themselves and their movie and expect fans to be there. Their personal life, romance, shopping, where they live etc is their own personal stuff and we have no right to it.I think it's terrible that they are haunted by the paparazzi and their personal lives are so intruded upon. For the lead actors especially, they often have to live in a bubble or they'll go insane. They can't go to the mall without getting ambushed by a fan girl or boy with some fantasy about if they will only date you or sleep with you, your life and theirs will be complete. God get a grip!For the supporting actors , they are not respected for their contribution to the film, they just become a vehicle for fans and paparazzi to get “inside” information about the Lead actors. Yeah, that’s a real compliment to their work isn’t it.Actors are real people and Yes they like to know how much they are loved and respected FOR THEIR WORK but they’re normal people trying to make a living doing what they are good at and they, like you, deserve some privacy. I’ve heard people say that an actor, by putting themselves out there, is asking for all this intrusion of their personal life. Again, I remind you, you only bought a movie ticket. $12.00 bucks or whatever it is in your country won’t buy you and Access All Areas pass to the actor and neither should it. .

SharonMacross said...


MANDY! You're awesome. =D
Thanks for the b-e-a-utiful pics of thRob.

Lexi55 said...

Like these photos of Rob...nice.

SharonMacross said...

Last comment was made before I actually viewed these glorious panty exploders, now...


I am D.I.E.D.

If I wasn't in such a public place I'd be doing a squeeing/writhing thing on the floor. I have to settle with bouncing in my chair and practically tearing out my hair after each one loads.

Unknown said...

Hey Lynn I couldn't have put it better myself. I totally agree, I can't even begin to comprehend how intrusive that type of life must be.