Thursday, September 24, 2009

7 Actors Who Could Play Jack Sparrow

As he waits to base his decision on the strength of the script, currently being laboured over by a team of highly skilled hacks chained to typewriters, we thought we'd cast an eye on a Depp-less future for Pirates 4.

There is little doubt that the film will go ahead, after all the franchise has grossed over $2 Billion at the box office. So they are left with two choices; write out the character, or recast the part.

While we wouldn't like to think about a Sparrow-light Pirates film, it's slightly more palatable to consider who might have a go at filling those magnificent boots...

Who? Current hottest actor on the planet, ask any girl under the age of 65 about R-Pattz and they’ll just start blubbing and giggling simultaneously, while screaming at the top of their lungs. He’s in Twilight apparently.

Why He’d Be Good For The Role: If Disney want to shift some tickets for this sham, then they could do worse than bringing Pattinson’s massive following into the Disney family.

We’re not convinced he’d be able to handle Jack’s surly, witty persona, in fact Sparrow would likely be a much paler, more brooding affair with Rob in the role, but boy if it wouldn’t put bums in seats – and that’s what matters, fact fans.

Plot Adjustments: Forget Orlando Bloom, Jack Sparrow is the romantic lead in this sequel, and Disney aren’t shy about hiring the hottest and most desirable young actress to surround Sparrow.

Separated from his one true love when she is taken away by her evil father, Sparrow gathers his crew and sets sail on the high seas, drinking and whoring his way around half the world.

But when word reaches Sparrow of his true love’s peril, he risks life and limb in an epic quest to reunite with her. Swoon.

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