Tuesday, September 22, 2009

20 minutes of New Moon will preview at Rome festival

We had great news today in Italy: it seems that 20 minutes of "New Moon" will be released in preview at the Rome Movie Festival, that will take place in Rome from 15 until 23 October 2009.

In the next days, there will be released informations about the details, like how to get tickets for the event, the exact date and if some of the members of the cast will participate.

Are you excited? I am!!

source via Pattinsonlife

ETA: Twilightitalia.com posted more info about the Festival. This is a translation of their entry.

Directly from the blog "Hard Pleasures" of Piera Detassis, director of Ciak magazine and responsible of Premiere sector of Rome Film Festival:

"Last year, the sneak preview of Twilight, and the coming at Rome Festival of the two main protagonists of the movie, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, unleashed a great rumpus on the red carpet of the Auditorioum. This year, from some months now, I am receiving a lot of requests and questions if it will be something at the Festival for New Moon too, the second chapter of the Saga from Stephenie Meyer.
The answer is yes, there is an absolute preview: at the Festival there will be an event regarding New Moon, but for now we don't know who will be present at the event, because all the actors are on set for Eclipse. We are working for you, but don't count too much about Pattinson's presence....we count on your passion though"

Translation by Mayfrayn at Pattinsonlife


Kate Stuart said...

ahh I'm moving to Rome Oct. 9th! I will definitely be attending :) Please keep us posted on the deets! <3 kate

Anonymous said...

Bad idea! This film is going to be leaked all over the internet!

SharonMacross said...

I agree @valjack. Tempting but I want to squee my heart out at the midnight showing and not from a bad cam on my laptop. If it is leaked, even though I'm a spoiler whore, I will resist! =)