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Vanity Fair: Twilight Watch—Poll: Who is Your Favorite New Moon Couple?

In case you haven’t noticed, the world has become overrun with vampires. No doubt you’ve heard the screams of teenaged girls (and their moms), or noticed rows of glossy black engulfing airport bookstores, or the countless spin-offs popping up on cable TV. It’s a full-blown, worldwide epidemic.
The movement is spearheaded by Twilight, Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling vampire novels and the phenomenally successful films based on them. We at Vanity Fair were early converts, but if you haven’t already been bitten, it’s not too late: Welcome to Twilight Watch,’s twice-weekly column counting down to the November 20 release of Twilight: New Moon, the second movie in the four-part saga about the agonizingly intense but impossible love between a human girl, Bella (Kristen Stewart), and a beautiful vampire boy, Edward (Robert Pattinson). Screenings are already selling out, two months in advance.

In this column, we'll weigh in on the latest Twilight news, check in with cast members, and throw a few surprises your way.To kick things off, we'd like to hear from you:

Who is your favorite New Moon couple? - Vote at Vanity Fair's website here

For those hopelessly out of the loop, here is a refresher on New Moon. Coming out almost exactly a year after the first Twilight movie, the sequel ups the ante with the addition of a new gang in town: The Wolf Pack, a group of Quileute Indian werewolves not so fond of vampire meat (think folkloric Jets and Sharks). When Edward suddenly vanishes from the drizzly setting of Forks, Washington, in order to protect his beloved from the perils of his kind, Bella is left to pick up the pieces of her shattered heart and throws herself into the sinewy, tawny arms or her best bud, Jacob, the sweetest and least clothed of the wolf pack. The result is a love triangle of mythological proportions.

The film is directed by Chris Weitz (American Pie, About a Boy), who takes over the reins from Catherine Hardwicke. With a total of three different trailers currently online, dozens of set pictures, and swirling rumors of possible real-life, off-screen romance, Twilight: New Moon is possibly the most talked-about movie of the year. It also features a slew of new cast members, including a grown-up Dakota Fanning, playing evil vampire Jane, as well as BAFTA fave and O.B.E. honoree Michael Sheen as Aro, the all-powerful leader of the ancient Volturi coven. (Intriguingly, Sheen falls on the lupine side of the werewolf/vampire divide in Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, an unrelated film also about the clash between the two species of flesh-eaters.)

Then there’s the young cast of the Twilight films. caught up with each and every one of them way back when, and we’re interested in finding out how much their lives have undoubtedly changed since the start of this cult-like phenomenon. What would you like us to ask the cast? Let us know in the comments.

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